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Angular gothic style

Collection Antonio Berardi autumn - winter 2008/ 09
Marina Prokhorov

Sitsiliets has studied and John Galliano, Antonio Berardi`s former assistant not without reason shows the collections in Paris. At it the present Sicilian cut - in the sense that things of mark Antonio Berardi always sit down as it is necessary. But in the rest Antonio Berardi the atypical Italian - he thinks out deliberately strict and a bit depressive rigid clothes and does not love splendours, broskosti.

Besides, this designer constantly experiments a cut. However, far does not come - its things never happen dekonstruktivistskimi. Usually clothes Antonio Berardi look at all grace monumentally. It is connected by that the silhouette at prophetic this mark always very accurate, furnish usually happens a little, but thus it very large and bright.

Mark Antonio Berardi it is presented in all big Moscow multibrands. Everywhere gradually, but invariably it is very good. Things Antonio Berardi always quiet, but thus difficult enough cut out and sewed. They attract attention, but do not happen shouting that is why are excellently entered in any clothes.

a new collection - gloomy and Gothic. Things are a little angular. Skirts, dresses and the coats which have been cut out by rhombuses. Jackets and the small coats reminding about romantic medieval kjulotah: given a close fit, with slightly truncated sleeves - wings or with absolutely short sticking out full sleeves. Both simply small tweed dresses and the coats cut out precisely on a figure and almost deprived of details: a very narrow collar, a fastener on small imperceptible buttons and any ukrashatelstv, only a pure silhouette.

also it is necessary to pay attention to jersey Antonio Berardi of this season. Dresses and sweaters straight lines, but with volume collars - racks and very wide, prisobrannymi at wrists sleeves, are executed from smooth woollen jersey on which difficult patterns creating additional volume from very thick yarn of the same colour knitted by plaits, as a background are laid out.

a bit later in shops the elegant part of collection Antonio Berardi is expected. These are thin, cut out on slanting dresses with wide and volume medieval sleeves - black, white, salatovye and yellow. And also elegant coats and koktejlnye dresses, black, with a white embroidery pajetkami and on the contrary - an embroidery detailed and small, but very accurate and architectural, reminding or friezes, or pilony.

From things expected by these autumn it is necessary to pay attention to volume and very long romantic raincoats - trapezoid, with full sleeves - pelerines and volume collars. And on fine pelerines and jackets from a grey fox.

Certainly, from a base store collection impression much quieter. No tragic element in it is present. Here many direct pleasant dresses - grey, black, in are black - white and is white - a green quiet light cage. Fine and very simple brjuchnye suits. Every possible blouses from silk and a lace and simply small black dresses for the evening. From a thin lace, but it is thus underlined free and closed. Any liberties Antonio Berardi to itself does not allow.