Rus News Journal

Father Andrey Kolesnikov

In a heat whether this strange warm autumn, whether decently even heating summer, in day which causes bewilderment by the clear and transparent duration, we have gone on a visit for a city, that is only there where and it was possible to go this day.

I went to the friends whom I love almost as myself, and Masha and Vanja - to seven cats with whom I promised them to acquaint and for which this day meant, I believe, much more, than for me. If I valued each minute of this cleanest September light, they - its each instant.

and only one of them has spent this day in the house. I, to tell the truth, did not think that Barsik is live still. I did not see the friends, to tell the truth, some years. As - that sufficed me sensation that they are in my life and that I at any moment can arrive to them. And so still infinitely could proceed, if I suddenly have not told that I will arrive, and would not arrive.

Barsik was live and healthy. And I was afraid at Sashi about it to ask. Barsiku 18 years, and it did not leave the house this day not because is so old that cannot stir a paw that is why that did not consider it necessary where - that to go. This huge kotishche has turned a head in my party, and it seemed to me that he has learnt me. Perhaps and it not seemed to it, I do not know, but all the same something such in his eyes has moved - and was not gone.

Vanja and Masha have been dumbfounded. In the sizes and epic habits of Barsika, in total of cats, an abundance of their names... And I had an impression that these names more than cats. Alisa, Lapsik, Frosja, Stepa, Matilda... It is strange that all of them the kind and position among other tenants of this house did not create sensation of any cat`s nursery here, and, on the contrary, made impression of any fundamental, unshakable cosiness.

the Pair of cats at the sight of Masha and Vani has acted in film from familiar spots and has departed from a sin on some metres. But the majority have concerned them philosophically, with understanding, probably that children on a summer residence - inevitable harm and if to compare pluses and life minuses on a summer residence, such minus as children, all the same will not move obvious pluses.

Masha could lift Barsika, take out it from the house and plant to itself on knees. I do not know, he has noticed it or not, on it was not to understand, but for it it became event in life. The cat who has collapsed at it in a lap, a cat who should also be supported hands, installed any sacred trembling in Masha. She looked to it in eyes and tried to read something in them, and it blinked whether from this sight, whether from the sun beating already whence - that from below, and did not allow to it any chance to understand, what it has faced in the life.

- Masha, you unless do not remember Barsika? - Has asked Sasha, and I have remembered that we with Masha and truth were at them in Moscow as - when to it was year two.

- is not present, - Masha has fairly told, - at all I do not remember.

Barsik has turned to it a head - for the first time during our arrival. He as though has been surprised that she and really does not remember - because it was necessary such to remember.

- about, and I have remembered, I have remembered! - Vanja has shouted.

I very much would not like to dissuade him. Vani was not then. Vanja when we were at them in the Moscow apartment was not born still. And nobody began to dissuade him. This day under this sun to me nobody was to be dissuaded, especially to convince. I polulezhal in an armchair also was silent, observing whether of Vanej, whether for Masha, whether for a strange grasshopper. More truly, in any way it was impossible to name it a grasshopper. It was the huge sizes the smith. And not a locust in any way, at a locust wings, I am familiar with a locust. And it was the smith. He sat on a bush branch as scare a cockatoo, and too observed of us.

then it slowly, it is possible to tell, groaning tears from a branch and has got at first on Sashu, then on his wife to Light, then on their girlfriend Ella. That is, probably, it was its girlfriend because it on it and remained. It polazil on it, walked around one hand, then on another, has stopped on a shoulder and gauging for some minutes.

- what is his name? - I have asked.

- Vasja, - has answered Ella.

Masha did not understand that occurs. Yes I and itself not so understood and, the main thing, at all did not want to understand. Me drove in a dream, I already was in a semisleepiness, but also in a semireality too, and it was necessary nothing for me. I at all was not surprised, if now whence - nibud the mole has got out, and then prikovyljala a duck, and then all of them have at once started talking to us about become painful. I could support this conversation.

Masha has substituted a finger, and Vasja has got to it. Vanja has screamed. Masha, on - to mine, and itself has turned pale. I know that my children unlike me people city, and even through city, but all - taki is my children. And that Masha has substituted a finger of Vase, proved it. And that Vanja has screamed, denied.

more many wasps Were flied. They did not bite, but too applied for any equality in this company. One wasp from all dispersal has flown in Vanin compote, and I have been amazed that the typed speed has sufficed it on flying by, so to say, under water and in horror to take off from a mug, spraying compote extensively.

one more wasp was on the razor-edge Vaninoj of a mug.

- do not sink, - Vanja has told to it, and it has not sunk.

I something was absolutely tired to be surprised, and on me two titmouses who sat in semimeter from us on a branch of a tree have not made already any impression and askance observed of us. Perhaps they, truth, observed askance of cats, but no difference existed, of whom they observed. On cats they too have not made impression any, however.

I was hooked by consciousness edge only for thought what after all like a titmouse arrive in the winter, but have then straightened out myself: yes is not present, same bullfinches in the winter...

- 22 kgs of sunflower seeds has fed it in the last winter, - has informed Sasha.

- Chishchenyh? - I have asked.

- yes is not present, of course, - he has answered.

and as they cleaned them, I wanted to ask, but only have sighed and have thought that too all - taki for a long time I, probably, live in Moscow and that, maybe, it is necessary to do something with it.

from everything that was on a table, Masha with Vanej cleaned first of all carrots. When it did not become, Masha has asked, whether there are still carrots.

- it at us grows, - has explained Light. - certainly, is.

- Oh, - Vanja was delighted, - it is possible we will dig a little bit? For memory.