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David Miliband has withdrawn swear words

the Head of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs David Miliband has decided to put an end in scandal round telephone conversation with the Russian colleague Sergey Lavrovym in whom last has ostensibly afforded obscene expressions. In interview of the Air Forces head Forin - office has declared that statements about abuse of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation are not absolutely true . A day before it with explanations in the same occasion the Sergey Lavrov who has declared has acted that the swear word has been used by it exclusively as the citation from the statement of one European colleague about the Georgian leader Michael Saakashvili.
after occurrence in a past week-end of messages on use of not standard lexicon by Sergey Lavrovym in conversation with David Milibandom ( wrote about it on September, 15th) in refutations the Russian side mainly was engaged. On Saturday in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have declared that Sergey Lavrov - the skilled diplomat and does not presume to itself use of swear words by definition. The hearings confirming return, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs named the provocation aimed at the further confrontation in Russian - the British relations.

after a day to clear a situation mister Lavrov undertook. On a press - conferences in Sukhumi it has admitted the fact of use of one four-letter word, there and then having made a reservation that it was the citation. Miliband in every possible way screened Saakashvili (the president of Georgia. - ) as big democrat. To acquaint Milibanda with a bit different estimation, it was necessary to tell to it about Saakashvili`s characteristic which was given in conversation with me by our colleague from one European country. This characteristic sounded as fucking lunatic ( the fucking madman . - ). Here, actually, and all. It was the citation which pursued the aim to show to the British minister alternative sights at a figure of the present president of Georgia - mister Lavrov has explained.

all these days the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs stored persistent silence, abstaining from comments apropos razdutogo the British press of scandal. To put all points over i its direct participant has unexpectedly solved. David Miliband has acted on air of a broadcasting company of the Air Forces and, answering a question of the leader, whether Sergey Lavrov used swear words in its address, has told: It is not absolutely true . I will not tell anything more, but it is a lie that he named me fucking and so on, it is a lie - mister Miliband has added.

As acknowledgement what to take offence at the Russian colleague to it at all for what, David Miliband even has praised the vis-a-vis for an accessory To that type of people, which does not use diplomacy to hide that think . I Think, the exchange of opinions at which we can really argue, even is better, after all in practice it means that we respect each other - the British diplomat has concluded.