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Most modest of Pink Floyd

In the house in Great Britain at the age of 65 years has died pianist Richard Right, one of group Pink Floyd founders. Relatives have informed that the musician has died after short struggle against a cancer . Together with Rikom Right last hope of reunion Pink Floyd has died also.
Richard Right has got acquainted with the future participants Pink Floyd, being the student of faculty of architecture of the London Polytechnical institute. The choice of the first speciality was casual: having studied year, Rik Right nevertheless has preferred a musical path and has continued training at the London musical institute. The drummer of group Nik Mason wrote in the memoirs: ... The foot broken at twelve years age and two months of a confinement to bed have provided Riku the company of a guitar for lack of any instructor. This method of the self-educated person has provided Riku a unique sound and style... . Except a guitar and keyboard Rik Right in young years in perfection has seized a pipe, a trombone and a saxophone and was fond of a jazz.

in 1965 - 1967 Rik Right was a motive power early Pink Floyd on a level with leader Sidom Barret. On a debut album of group The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn it conducts the main voice parts in songs Astronomy Domine and Matilda Mother (this fact was not specified on a cover), its feather posesses the main harmonious lines Scarecrow and Chapter 24 . After Sida Barret`s leaving from group Rik Right some time even remained the main vocalist, and admirers consider till now that its voice did not concede to David Gilmore`s who soon has taken a place at a microphone voice. All classical period Pink Floyd Rik Right remained one of the main composers of group and has brought the contribution to creation of its unique sound, experimenting the electronic keyboard. On the most popular album Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon Richard Right`s feather posesses songs Us And Them and The Great Gig In The Sky .

In a recording of the album The Wall (1979) Rik Right did not accept participation - to a limit its conflict to Roger Waters considering by then Pink Floyd almost as the accompanying group has become aggravated. On an album The Final Cut (1983) Rika Rights also are not audible. In first half 1980 - h it continued the solo experiences begun in 1978 by a disk Wet Dream . On a cover of a disk reunited in 1987 Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Of Reason at all was not Rika Right`s photo. However the pianist again was a full part of group and for a following disk The Division Bell (1994) has written five songs.

Rik Right up to the end remained a part of family Pink Floyd. His daughter has married Guy Pratt, sessional a bass - the guitarist playing with participants Pink Floyd after leaving of Roger Waters. Rik Right participated in single reunion of collective at festival Live 8 in 2005. The keyboard player never aspired to move to the forefront in group, and even in shooting of this concert of the pianist it is visible basically only on general plans. In 2006 has written down keyboard parties for David Gilmore`s album On An Island and with pleasure went on tour with the friend. Deadly illness has found Rika Right behind work on a new album.