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GMII it. Of A.S.Pushkin

the German expressionism - artists of group the Bridge / till November, 2nd

Ilya and Emilija Kabakovy. The Moscow retrospective show: Installation Gate / till October, 19th

the State museum of architecture of A. V.ShChuseva

Classic Poljakova - an epoch monument / till November, 4th

the State Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to a shaft

Magic of a water colour / till November, 9th

Museums of the Moscow Kremlin

Two centuries of the British fashion / till November, 16th

Stoleshnikov a lane

Paparazzo / till October, 10th

TSVZ the Arena (the Museum the Moscow house of a photo )

Victor Ahlomov. A retrospective show/ till October, 12th


the modern art Center Winery

Gallery proun

Intim to offer! / till September, 25th

Halls RIGroup

Boris Mihajlov. Historical insinuations / till September, 28th