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Russian national team will play for the trainer

Yesterday in Omsk the qualifying tournament to female volleyball Gran - has begun at. On these competitions the Russian national team which has failed on the Olympic Games in Beijing, has gone under the direction of the new head coach - Vadim Pankova working while instead of retired Italian Giovanni Kaprary in the status fulfilling duty. Whether it will change it for the status of the constant instructor, in many respects depends on results of Omsk tournament.
couple of years back Omsk tournament would be for the Russian national team constantly winning awards practically at all large competitions, become in 2006 the world champion, absolutely through passage. In a present situation it has turned to the event having extremely great value from the point of view of its future. On the Olympic Games in Beijing on which the Russian team went with a problem not simply to win medals, and to struggle for the first place, it has taken off already in 1/ 8 endings, having shown the game which was not allowing about awards even to dream. Right after end of the Olympic games the head coach of a national team, Italian Giovanni Kaprara has retired, having left after itself extremely intriguing two questions: who will hold a vacant post and what potential of a command?

formally head coach at Russian national team is. It is 44 - the summer Vadim Pankov heading club Zareche - Odintsovo which has won last championship of Russia. But the contract with the expert having actually a brief experience of work by the instructor of the teams a top - level (Punks long time worked in system Ekaterinburg Uralochki and in a national team was one of assistants to Kaprary), it is concluded only on five matches within the limits of the Siberian tournament. Heads of the All-Russia federation of volleyball (VFV) already declared that will definitively be defined with the new head coach in the end of the year. However it is clear that in case of Vadim Pankova`s successful performance in Omsk its chances to keep a post - already without a prefix and. Islands - will sharply increase.

it yesterday has actually confirmed and secretary general VFV Vladimir Patkin who supervises female volleyball. punks - enough young, but already mature trainer. Its nominee will be precisely considered by federation, - mister Patkin has told. - In general, in my opinion, a national team the domestic expert now should head. When three years ago we signed the contract with Kapraroj, at us it was not simple the young trainers, capable to work at such level. Now they have appeared .

hit is meant successful performance of Russian national team in Omsk in a three of the best teams - they provide to themselves permits in a final stage of Gran - at in 2009. Like a simple problem, even considering that circumstance that mistresses of tournament will have the most serious opponents. The elite of world female volleyball among them does not include only Frenchwomen a match with which Russians started yesterday in selection (Russian national team has won 3:0). And here all other commands - German, Dutch, Serbian and Italian - regularly or win, or at least occupy prize-winning places at competitions of high level.

a problem that possibilities of the most Russian national team at present are absolutely not clear. It not very well looked on the Olympic Games in Beijing, and after it that performances for a national team stop, three its leaders - Love of Sokolov, Evgenie Estes and Elena Godina declared at once. And absence at least to one of these volleyball players in structure in former years, as a rule, led to negative consequences: Russian national team lost and considerably conceding to it in a rating to contenders. But if it will be possible and to achieve to Vadim Pankovu with the updated command worthy result in Omsk, its prospects to remain in a national team begin, probably, simply shining.