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Zenith the champion of Russia gropes champion soil

Today starts in the first League of champions. Well-known Juventus from Turin - its first contender. The trainer of Italian club Klaudio Raneri says that very seriously concerns the opponent who has won the Supercup Manchester United .
Group H. Davnym - for a long time, 23 years ago Zenith hardly did not leave in a quarterfinal of the most important and most prestigious European club tournament. Leagues of champions in 1985 were not, tournament was called as the Cup of champions and to get to a quarterfinal, the command from Leningrad should pass champions of Norway and Finland. Now such contenders. But it was possible to consult only with Volerengoj . A fatal obstacle in a way Zenith there was a Finnish Kuusjusi . Clubs from Finland and now are not samples for imitation, and in the middle of 80 - h they were quoted below present - at level of commands from Malta or Luxembourg. Nevertheless on of that time Zenith they have sufficed. The Soviet club has lost Kuusjusi 2:1, 1:3. Domestic clubs did not concede to weaker opponents neither to, nor after.

the second attempt Zenith to achieve something in the strongest tournament of continent will begin today in 22. 45 on Turin Stadio Comunale (Delle Alpi on which usually accepts the contenders Juventus it is closed on reconstruction). Directly in League of champions for Zenith this match, as it is known, the debut. The victory in Cup UEFA has given to the Petersburg command experience and confidence, the Supercup match has praised representation of Petersburgers about own possibilities to skies. To ignore present Zenith It is impossible even for the European grandees, and Klaudio Raneri, the head coach of the first opponent of the champion of Russia, says before a match that it is necessary to respect the owner of Euro cup second for the importance. To a duel with Zenith old the signor seriously prepared, studying records of its victorious game with Manchester United (sounds already impressively), and it is adjusted on a match which can become in general solving in group.

real there was group exactly so much time, how many in League of champions participated, and he participated almost always. From BATE it is possible to try to wait for a feat in a kind at least one typed point; means, for the remained permit in play - off will battle Zenith with Juventus . Partly for the Turin superclub a today`s match after all too the debut. Punished for contractual matches the reference in a series In the Italian championship Juventus has passed two last Leagues. Before it was very dangerous, at least, in Turin (two group tournaments successively JUve only won on the home field), but it was for a long time. How to play League of champions and other international tournaments of Alessandro del Pero, Pavel Nedved, Mauro Kamoranezi, Vinchentso Jakvinta, Dzhonatan Zebina, Hasan Salihamidzhich, David Trezege, Dzhanluidzhi Buffon know perfectly, but it is the first match after a pause. to Juventus still it is necessary to be shaken, and at Zenith teeth and the conditioned reflexes necessary for the international matches are perfected, not forgotten.

it is quite possible, to Zenith it will be possible to repeat a variant with Bavaria in a semi-final of Cup UEFA, as today that case when it is better to begin on departure. Juventus - a command skilled, but age, therefore from position of second number Zenith It is capable to take more dividends, considering besides that from the five not departed to Turin sine - is white - blue players (the Novel Shirokov, Fatih Tekke, Whether Ho, Alexey Jonov, Alexander Gorshkov) is not present any on - to the present swift-footed. Remembering, as Andrey Arshavin tore in the European championship in high-speed attacks of the central defender Juventus Olafa Mellberga (Russia - Sweden), we find prospects Zenith in Turin quite good enough. Meanwhile the champion of Russia is very similar on the Galatasaray which has done rustle in Europe at the beginning of the century. Too a victory in Cup UEFA, then a prize of the Supercup at elite club, and also with the account 2:1 (Turks have overcome Real ) . For some years to the Galatasaray it was possible to become the appreciable character and in League of champions, having reached once even a quarterfinal. It is the highest boundary of Russian teams in League of champions (in a season - 1995/ 96 it has reached Spartak ) and simultaneously achievement which so is easy in the Cup of champions has let out from the hands Leningrad Zenith .

Juventus - Zenith . Turin, Comunale. Judge Frank de Blekere (Belgium). Betfair: 1,80 - 3,70 - 5,60. Last matches: Juventus - Udineze 1:0, Terek - Zenith 1:4. TV: 22. 45 (With +, HD +), 0. 45 ( Sports ) 3. 20 (OL +).

Real - BATE. Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu. Judge Alain Hamer (Luxembourg). Betfair: 1,11 - 11,00 - 42,00. Last matches: Real - Numansija 4:3, Naftan - BATE 1:2. TV: 0. 45 (F +).

On an exit from group N: Real - 1,20, Juventus - 1,55, Zenith - 2,02, BATE - 23,00.

Group E - live memoirs on the past two seasons of League of champions. In 2006 Manchester United has managed to take last place in group tournament, having passed forward the today`s contender Viljarreal and Portuguese the Benfika . With the Spanish club manchestertsy then have exchanged the most boring drawn games - two times on 0:0. The next year the future winner of League again has got to one group with the Benfika and also were added Seltik And the best Danish club Copenhagen . By the way, with two last commands the MU on the sum of two matches advantage in points has not received (3:2, 0:1 with Seltikom which has won on the home field all three matches, 3:0, 0:1 with Copenhagen ) . Now again all have gathered, only instead of Copenhagen from Danes Aalborg and to the Benfika in this League of champions of a place was not at all.

Manchester United - Viljarreal . Manchester, Old Trafford. Judge Wolfgang Shtark (Germany). Betfair: 1,52 - 4,30 - 9,00. Last matches: Liverpool - the MU 2:1, Viljarreal - Deportivo 1:0. TV: 22. 45 (OL +).

Seltik - Aalborg . Glasgow, Celtic Park. Judge Matteo Trefoloni (Italy). Betfair: 1,49 - 4,30 - 9,40. Last matches: Motherwell - Seltik 2:4, Aalborg - AGF 0:2.

On an exit from group E: the MU - 1,08, Viljarreal - 1,41, Seltik - 2,68, Aalborg - 18,00.

very equal group F : three about equal commands and Stjaua . The Romanian clubs very fine played 2005 and 2006 in Cup UEFA, but, getting to League, were inevitably blown off. Stjaua never could overcome group tournament (last time has typed, for example, one point), and today Mariusa Leketusha is necessary to wards of the winner of the Cup of champions of 1986 the hard beginning against passed last year`s League and trying to restore last potential Bavaria . Lyons should have the superiority in experience and a class at the expense of much bigger participation in Euro cups over a Fiorentina . The command from Florence only in the second time plays to League, having acquired this right at the expense of the fourth place in last Italian championship.

Stjaua - Bavaria . Bucharest, Steaua. Judge Klaus Bo Larsen (Denmark). Betfair: 5,10 - 3,65 - 1,85. Last matches: Farul - Stjaua 1:4, Cologne - Bavaria 0:3. TV: 0. 45 (To +), 5. 55 (F +).

Lyons - a Fiorentina . Lyons, Gerland. Judge Peter Fordfeld (Sweden). Betfair: 1,96 - 3,40 - 4,90. Last matches: Lyons - Nice 3:2, Napoli - a Fiorentina 2:1. TV: 22. 45 (To +), 2. 50 (F +).

On an exit from group F: Bavaria - 1,41, Lyons - 1,50, a Fiorentina - 2,05, Stjaua - 8,00.

In to group G attracts attention a new meeting to Port and the Arsenal . In a season of 2006 they together left group, having drawn twice. The Return match has been noted by obvious unwillingness to hammer as the account 0:0 arranged both commands: Both of them provided to themselves a place in play - off to the detriment of CSKA (which, however, the game then has lost, so a drawn game to unroll it was unessential). Fenerbahche has perfectly played in 2007, having reached a quarterfinal. The Turkish club also in group tournament of last League has met CSKA, has given to soldiers only one point (2:2, 3:1), but it is impossible to tell that strongly them has offended, as this point was at CSKA in that autumn the first and last. Kiev the Dynamo hardly has not established last autumn an antirecord of League of champions on a negative difference of balls, but with Yury Semin`s arrival to look became much stronger, of what recently it was convinced Spartak . Inhabitants of Kiev last time left group tournament in 1999 far already, and on road have beaten the Arsenal - 3:1 in Kiev and 1:1 in London.

to port - Fenerbahche . to Port, Dragao. Judge Bertran Lajek (France). Betfair: 1,80 - 3,60 - 5,60. Last matches: the Benfika - to Port 1:1, Gettsepe - Fenerbahche 2:1. TV: 1. 05 (With +), 5. 55 (OL +).

the Dynamo (Kiev) - the Arsenal . Kiev, of Valery Lobanovsky. Judge Luis Medina Kantaleho (Spain). Betfair: 4,80 - 3,55 - 1,93. Last matches: Olkom (Melitopol) - the Dynamo (Kiev) 0:5, Blackburn - the Arsenal 0:4. TV: 22. 45 ( Sports ), 0. 50 (OL +).

On an exit from group G: the Arsenal - 1,21, to Port - 1,74, Fenerbahche - 2,84, the Dynamo - 3,30.