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Inspectors undertook for “ Europe “

Investigatory management across Voronezh investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has filed criminal charges upon a fake of the permission to shopping centre commissioning (TTS) “ Europe “. The customer of the project in cost more than $10 million is Open Society “ the Supermarket “Nizhniy Novgorod“ “ infamous Nizhniy Novgorod businessman Andrey Klimentyev who serves the sentence for swindle. Suspicions concerning a document fake have arisen at state registrars. In the mayoralty notice that in a reality the object cannot be placed in operation as it does not have parking. The public prosecutor of Voronezh Ivan Panchenko has told yesterday that business under article “ Forging of documents “ the criminal code of Russian Federation it has been raised under the reference of management of Federal registration service (FRS). “ Within the limits of check of the statement of Rosregistratsii which have arrived to us in March, we have directed inquiry to the mayoralty and have found out that the department of town-planning did not approve input TTS “Europe“ in operation “ - mister Panchenko has informed. The deputy chief of management FRS Elena Peregudova has specified that in department which registers all building licences, have suspected wrong, having seen the signature on the document. “ when you work with typical papers, usually you get used that they subscribe the same person. But in a case with “Europe“ the signature was another, and looked as an obvious fake “ - madam Peregudova has explained. As she said, permissions to commissioning of again constructed objects in a city administration till March of this year when in Voronezh elections of the mayor have taken place, vised the chief of department of that time Victor ShCheblykin or its assistant Vadim Romendik. “ And in the document across “Europe“ there was a signature of other person “ - Elena Peregudova has explained. She has added that recently cases of a fake of certificates of local governments have become frequent: “ Commercial interest to a city has increased, such papers have started to appear more often “.

Information FRS both Offices of Public Prosecutor was confirmed also with Vadim Romendik, now - the deputy chief of a municipal government of investments. “ neither I, nor Shcheblykin of the permission to input of “Europe“ did not sign. Moreover, the owner of Open Society “ the Supermarket “Nizhniy Novgorod“ “ Andrey Klimentyev officially to us did not address for a paper at all. And the visa on the document stood that official who has not been authorised to do it “ - mister Romendik has informed yesterday.

In it is information - analytical management of the mayoralty, in turn, have told that the permission to object input cannot be given out in connection with absence at “ Europe “ autoparkings: “ If TTS will earn, will become complicated and without that an uneasy situation with transport around circus. But, as soon as the company will spend necessary works, it will obtain the permit “. However, in a city administration and could not specify, whether signed the document for Open Society “ the Supermarket “Nizhniy Novgorod“ “ the real employee of the mayoralty who do not have the corresponding rights, or the visa was all - taki is forged.

to building TTS “ Europe “ (a floor space of 7,5 thousand sq.) cost more than $10 million around the Voronezh circus of Open Society “ the Supermarket “Nizhniy Novgorod“ “ has started in 2004. TTS has been completed about half a year back and since then stands idle. From the very beginning of the developer the train of the scandals connected by pursued that building is conducted on a place of the former cemetery. After in 2005 the local Cossacks protesting against erection of object, have found human bones on a platform, the Lenin district Office of Public Prosecutor of Voronezh has filed criminal charges upon violation of bodies of the died. Also department tried to cancel the permission of the mayoralty to building TTS. As a result the developer has defended the correctness in judicial instances. In September of last year Andrey Klimentyev has been sentenced to 2,5 years of imprisonment for a non-return $50 thousand to Stanislav Serpuhovu, the partner in building of the Chinese restaurant in Nizhni Novgorod. The consequence qualified actions of mister Klimentyev as swindle in especially large sizes.

the former head of a city Boris Skrynnikov has assumed yesterday that the mayoralty does not give out Open Society permission “ the Supermarket “Nizhniy Novgorod“ “ and for other reason. “ To the company have been assigned obremenenija under the contract with administration, in particular an accomplishment of adjoining park, but they, and not only on the fault, have not finished work “ - mister Skrynnikov has told. The former mayor has surprised that the company could not receive a paper a lawful way: “ In such affairs the standard scheme operated. The selection committee came on object, there to her gave to drink - fed, and she signed anything you like. And I about all learnt the last “.

Comments of managers of Open Society “ the Supermarket “Nizhniy Novgorod“ “ yesterday it was not possible to receive, and Andrey Klimentyev`s lawyers have refrained from situation assessments. Participants of the market do not consider supermarket management “ Nizhniy Novgorod “ the unique originator of incident. According to Anatoly Korchinova, the co-owner of Open Company “ JUka “ (erects TTS the area of 30 thousand in sq. m around Voronezh peduniversiteta), “ Frequently from - for block of officials it is necessary developers not to receive losses, to begin building without documents “. Alexey Pinigin, the project head of city under construction under Voronezhem - park “ Hailstones “ the area more than 170 thousand in sq. m, proceeding from a private experience, has estimated month of idle time of a complex with a floor space 7 - 8 thousand in sq. m in the sum more than $300 thousand

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