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Sweet bankruptcy

the Arbitration of the Belgorod region has entered procedure of competitive manufacture into Joint-Stock Company the Crystal - groups which largest actives - Chernjansky sugar factory and Open Company Dairy industrial complex - the Crystal . The debts of holding confirmed with court against Federal tax service (FNS) and a number of the credit organisations, in particular the Savings Bank and VTB, make 753 million roubles. But, according to participants of the market, the total sum of debts of group can reach 2 billion General director and the basic shareholder the Crystal - groups Yury Rudakov is in custody now on charge in swindle and gets acquainted with business materials. As it became known , in the middle of August the arbitration court of the Belgorod region has entered into Joint-Stock Company the Crystal - groups competitive manufacture. Business has been initiated by regional government FNS, and also a number of the financial organisations, in particular the Belgorod branch VTB. The debts of the enterprise confirmed with court against creditors and tax specialists make 753 million roubles. financial stability of holding is lost completely, and liquid actives the debtor has not enough money resources, realisation of all property is necessary for calculations with creditors - it is told in the arbitration decision. The court has appointed the competitive managing director the representative of the Inter-regional self-adjustable organisation of professional arbitration managing directors (Moscow) Alexander Oksamitnogo. Lawyers the Crystal - groups in a legal investigation did not participate. Mister Oksamitnyj has refrained yesterday from comments, having noticed that while only studies a situation in holding. Its problem on formation of competitive weight is complicated by that the documentation is withdrawn by investigation agencies bodies.

Joint-Stock Company the Crystal - groups it is based in 1997 on the basis of Chernjansky sugar factory (Belgorod region). By data SPARK - Interfax at holding of 20 affiliated structures, basically agricultural productions. The majority of them are in the Belgorod region. In Repevsky area of the Voronezh region the company has two actives - Joint-Stock Company the Native land - Agroinvest and Joint-Stock Company the Native land - Agro and in Manturovsky area Kursk - four: Joint-Stock Company the Dawn - the Crystal Joint-Stock Company Platavsky - the Crystal Joint-Stock Company the Dawn Joint-Stock Company Kuskinsky . The company structure includes also the Belgorod Open Company Dairy industrial complex - the Crystal . The Total area of ground grounds makes 75 thousand in hectare. A gain from sales in 2006 - 73,42 million (without the VAT), net profit - 1,41 million roubles. Actives the Crystal - groups are estimated in 4 billion About that the company has financial problems, it became known in the past autumn when the Office of Public Prosecutor of New Oskolsky area of the Belgorod region has brought administrative actions against heads of some affiliated structures the Crystal - groups (Joint-Stock Company New Bezginsky Joint-Stock Company Old Bezginsky Joint-Stock Company the Field - the Crystal Joint-Stock Company Jarsky ) In connection with salary nonpayment in economy, and Joint-Stock Company property Jarsky it has been arrested by court enforcement officers under the claim of the tax specialists collecting from the enterprise debts before the Pension fund of the Russian Federation. It is interesting that in SPARK - Interfax such structures, as branches, no.

In November regional investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has shown to the head the Crystal - groups to Yury Rudakov charge in swindle in especially large sizes. To it the preventive punishment in the form of arrest has been selected. Criminal case concerning mister Rudakov has been raised under the statement of branch of the Savings Bank for illegal reception of the credit. It was during the investigation found out that the general director affilirovannogo with the Crystal - groups Joint-Stock Company Standartagro Gennady Tatarintsev took the credit in Is central - Chernozemnom bank of the Savings Bank of Russia for the sum of 44 million roubles, but with its repayment the enterprise had problems. After mister Tatarintsevym in sight of a consequence there was Yury Rudakov. It is suspected of illegal reception from the Belgorod regional budget of 300 million roubles in the form of a grant for dairy industrial complex. In investigatory committee yesterday have informed that investigation is finished, and Yury Rudakov gets acquainted with criminal case.

a total sum of debts of the company before the Savings Bank of Russia in the credit organisation yesterday have found it difficult to inform, but have told that it is a question about hundreds millions roubles . It is known that in April - June, 2007 of Joint-Stock Company the Crystal - groups has obtained credits for purchase of a sugar beet for a total sum of 852 million roubles. As creditors the Belgorod branch VTB, the Voronezh branch " acted; Uralsiba Rosselhozbank and Zenith . This year Yury Rudakov tried to challenge the conclusion of credit contracts in arbitration, asserting that it has passed with infringements of some procedures, but its claim has been left without satisfaction. According to the source, familiar with a situation, the company amount of debt comes nearer to 2 mlrd roubles.

the interrogated participants of the market and experts could not explain the bankruptcy reason the Crystal - groups . Earlier in the company a non-return of credits explained decrease in procurement prices of sugar in the end of the last year, from - for what the holding could not carry out of the obligations to banks. the Chernjansky sugar factory - one of last large independent sugar operators of Russia, - was informed by a leading analyst of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market Evgenie Ivanov. - and Yury Rudakov is known as one of the best a top - managers of branch. In the nineties modern technical and marketing decisions " there took root;. According to an analyst, too scale program of modernisation of headquarters plant can be the reason of bankruptcy of holding: the long projects which are carried out on short money " Are taken too many;.

Leonid Didenko