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Kazakhstan and Russia have fulfilled joint compulsion to the world

Near Chelyabinsk yesterday the active phase Russian - the Kazakhstan military doctrines " has come to the end; the Center - 2008 . Their scenario reminds recent events in South Ossetia though military men assert that it has been developed one year ago. However in 2007 on joint doctrines of six states the management was excited more with terrorist threat, than real war.
the last doctrines - already the second large military maneuvers on obshchevojskovom 225 - m range Privolzhsko - the Ural military district (PUrVO). One year ago here passed joint doctrines of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation Peace mission - 2007 . However then military men of six countries fulfilled joint actions against the international terrorists. so different that them it is senseless to compare actions - has declared the head a press - centre PurvO Konstantin Lazutkin.

Under the scenario the conditional state adjoining on Kazakhstan, has untied aggression, aspiring to tear away the areas rich with power resources. Armies of the opponent (grouping Southern ) have intruded on territory of Kazakhstan on depth to 60 km. Incorporated armies of Russia (grouping of armies Ural Mountains ) and Kazakhstan (grouping Northern ) Have begun investigation. After detection of staffs and places of a concentration of combat material on them air strikes and from self-propelled installations have been put. After disorganisation of the opponent and partial destruction of its combat material incorporated armed forces have spent counterattack and have compelled Southern to recede.

in doctrines it has been involved over 500 units of fighting and special technics: tanks T - 72, armoured combat vehicles, jet systems zalpovogo fire Hailstones self-propelled artillery installations the Carnation and Nona . From air bombardment of the targets which are carrying out a role of the opponent, front bombers of the Sou - 24 carried out, Sou fighters - 27 and the Instant - 31, and also helicopters Mi - 24 and Mi - 8. From two military - transport planes Silt - 76 has been thrown out parashjutno - a landing company Ulyanovsk 31 - j separate desantno - assault brigade VDV (besides commandoes three fighting vehicles have been dumped). From the Russian side in doctrines took part about 2 thousand persons, with Kazakhstan - about 700 military men.

any communication with events in South Ossetia and cooling of relations of Russia and the countries of the NATO of the doctrine the Center - 2008 have no. They have been planned in the beginning of year and pass in frameworks of fighting study and preparation of land forces in Is central - the Asian region - the vice-commander land forces the general - lieutenant Valery Evnevich has declared.

we Will notice that preparation for doctrines was much less solemn, than one year ago. In 2007 on range there have arrived presidents of six countries, and yesterday Ministers of Defence of Russia and Kazakhstan observed of doctrines Anatoly Serdjukov and Danial Ahmetov only. Before Peace mission on guest routes actively thinned out trees, repaired roads and even veiled buildings by publicity boards. This time especial influence of military men on life of the regional centre it was not appreciable.

, Ekaterinburg