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NHL is ready to appear before court

Yesterday official reaction of National hockey league (NHL) on the offer of Continental hockey league (KHL) concerning a way of settlement of the conflict between two strongest World championships became known. The North American party has agreed that legality of contracts which have concluded a little changed in this inter-season period leagues of players, should be proved in arbitration court. However it does not mean that the conflict will be settled in the near future, as at two leagues different opinions concerning where should take place courts.
development the situation which became the brightest proof of yesterday has had that created instead of the championship of Russia and positioning as the first present competitor of NHL in hockey market KHL really intends to become since a debut season to that. The conflict has arisen, after in July the known forward Alexander Radulov who has won as a part of Russian national team the World championship in Canada, has signed the contract with Ufa Salavat Yulaev in the presence of the agreement in force with NHL club Nashville Predejtorz . The North American league has demanded to return the hockey player back. The Russian side has flatly refused to do it. And president KHL Alexander Medvedev has underlined that regulating transitions from the championship in the championship the transfer agreement from NHL will be concluded only under condition of mutual respect of contracts. Thus, the Russian side has let know that will not be reconciled with the practice of departure of players extended earlier from the championship of Russia in NHL in the presence of operating contracts and without monetary indemnification. And when three young hockey players - Andrey Loktionov from the Locomotive Vyacheslav Vojnov from the Tractor and Maxim Majorov from Ak a leopard - Have signed contracts with North American clubs (Loktionov and Vojnov with Los - Andzheles Kingz and Majors - with Columbus Blju Dzhekets ) KHL, as a matter of fact showing readiness for war with the competitor, has removed the moratorium entered unilaterally on the invitation of players from NHL with operating contracts.

the International federation of hockey was connected to conflict settlement (IIHF) which has agreed with offer KHL to give two weeks ago contentious cases on consideration of arbitration courts. Yesterday`s statements of representatives of NHL have followed after also council of owners of clubs - the higher supervising body of North American league - at the meeting which has taken place the day before in Toronto has studied offers KHL.

Results of this meeting are difficult for estimating unequivocally. In a question of formation of partner relations between two leagues it is possible to consider as a step forward that fact that the vice-president of NHL Bill Dejli did not begin to object to arbitration process, and David Pojl, the general manager still hoping to return Alexander Radulova Nashville has underlined that The parties have already entered negotiating process . Meanwhile to the resolution of conflict, apparently, still far. Bill Dejli has informed that for NHL looks unacceptable idea to consider a case with Alexander Radulovym on territories of Russia, instead of the USA.

yesterday in KHL have refrained from comments in connection with American side statements. However it became known that the position of Continental hockey league after them has not undergone any changes. KHL on - former is going to insist on carrying out of arbitration trials in territory of the countries where disputable contracts have been concluded.