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Parliament of Groups will reap the Crop

Owners Parliament of Groups in March the sold 85 % of vodka business Parliament (the rights to a brand and capacities) Polish CEDC, are ready to leave control over the last active in the vodka market. As it became known they search for the strategic investor for a brand belonging to them the Crop and the factory with the same name in the Ryazan region. The most probable buyer - the same CEDC, already spent for buying up of alcoholic actives in Russia about $1 billion
that founders UK Parliament of Groups (it agree EGRJUL, he is Sergey Kuprijanov, Yury Manilov, Sergey Samotin, Anatoly Kahniadze and Valery Gorbatenkov), search for the buyer on belonging to them likerovodochnyj factory the Crop in the Ryazan region and the brand with the same name, Sergey Kuprijanov has told. As he said, now they Form business - the offer for potential investors. Among possible candidates on purchase he names polsko - the American alcoholic holding Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC), in March declared purchase at founders Parliament of Groups 85 % of company Copecresto Enterprises Limited. Actives Copecresto - the rights to vodka brand Parliament and capacities in Balashikha situated near Moscow - CEDC has estimated in $180 million and 5,5 % of the actions (cost at the moment of transaction closing - $129 million).

According to mister Kuprijanova, CEDC - the ideal candidate for it and its partners and in this transaction. On conditions of the agreement with Poles, since March, 2009 founders Parliament of Groups cannot be engaged in parallel vodka business, therefore at sale the Crop to other investor they will be compelled to sell all of 100 %. It is confirmed also with Yury Manilov. As he said, the development concept Crop it is now developed, but, most likely, it will be the joint project with CEDC, truth while it is not clear, in what form .

the Founder and shareholder CEDC William Kerri was inaccessible yesterday to comments, a source close to it, in the beginning of week confirmed interest CEDC to to the Crop but, as he said, from - for financial crisis the company cannot definitively dare at this transaction yet. About negotiations between owners the Crop both the mister of Kerry the investment banker familiar with both businessmen heard also: as he said, if the transaction takes place, in its support will be engaged the Renaissance the Capital . The operating director and the head of a direction Drinks the investment block the Capital Renaissance Peter Vanhenke has refused comments.

according to the general director of Joint-Stock Company the Crop Vladimir Savin, factory on which now spreads Crop it is located in 80 km from Ryazan in area Wood Shilovsky`s settlement on a site of 4 hectares (is in the property). Lets out vodka the Crop Jewish Burning perchik . Productivity of factory - 1,5 thousand has given in change (at 360 thousand one-shift work has given in a year).

the Brand the Crop - to develop one of the first, which steels the future founders Parliament of Groups in the vodka market: in the beginning 2000 - h years they have made decision to concentrate the investment on brand Parliament, having frozen development the Crop . Now the company share in the market is insignificant: by data Analytics Business it in the first half of the year 2008 occupied 0,04 % of the Russian vodka market on cost. According to Vladimir Savinov, in the best years the factory sold 600 thousand has given this vodka in a year (now twice less).

Capacities in Russia are superfluous, therefore the basic active in this transaction - a brand the Crop at which at successful repozitsionirovanii in higher price segment good chances in the market, are marked by a source in the Russian investment bank. However, as he said, unlike brand Parliament which was interesting to the transnational companies (in the tender for its purchase besides CEDC participated Diageo and Bacardi. - ) and for development abroad, potential the Crop it is limited by the Russian market that narrows a circle of applicants. However, CEDC time and again declared the aggressive plans in the Russian market: for a year the company has already spent about $1 mlrd, having bought, besides Parliament, 75 % of the distributor and the importer of elite alcohol Whitehall and 42 % of business of the leader of the Russian market of holding Russian Alcohol .