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The state wants to reconcile Gazprom and Rosneft

the Resolution of conflict Rosneft and Gazprom round the licence for working out Western - the Kamchatka shelf the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev will be engaged personally, which in the end of September intends to take off to Kamchatka to settle a situation. However mister Trutnev hopes that the parties nevertheless can agree. Officials wait from state companies of joint actions and at distribution of other major fields. However at Rosneft and Gazprom yet very much it turns out to agree.
yesterday the minister of natural resources Yury Trutnev has informed that in the end of September intends to visit Kamchatka, that to settle a situation developed round the licence on Western - the Kamchatka shelf (look-ahead resources are estimated in 1,8 mlrd tons of oil and 2 trln gas cubic metre). Till August, 1st the work right to a deposit belonged Rosneft however after the expiry of the term of the licence of Rosnedra the companies have refused agreement prolongation. The decision gave reason for department that the company did not carry out drilling in full. Rosneft worked on a deposit together with a consortium of Korean investors Korea Kamchatka Co. (Owned 40 % in the project). But last year in an active has become interested Gazprom - the state has charged monopolies to instal gas in Kamchatka. This spring Gazprom has sent to the government the letter with the request not to prolong Rosneft the licence.

however the petrocompany has a chance to return to the project. certainly, to it (to the companies. - ) it is necessary to agree - quotes mister Trutnev Interfax . In the beginning of September the vice-president of board Gazprom Alexander Ananenkov did not exclude that the companies can work in the project together. But has added what to solve, who will manage the licence, there will be a government. A source in Gazprom assures that actually negotiations about teamwork are not present. A source in Rosneft on the contrary, says that they are - at an initial stage .

Both state companies apply and for participation in other large-scale project - working out of the strategic oil fields of a name of Trebsa located in Nenets joint-stock company and Titov`s name (total stocks about 140 million tons of oil). According to mister Trutnev, the decision on exhibiting of these sites on competition can be accepted till the end of September. Though this year deposits nevertheless remain in unallotted fund, has specified yesterday head Rosnedr Anatoly Ledovsky.

Interest to these sites was shown by all large Russian petrocompanies. Yesterday head Northern oil (affiliated company Rosneft ) Sergey Nesterenko has told that for working out of deposits the consortium from three state companies can be created: Rosneft oil Gazprom and Zarubezhnefti . In Rosneft words of mister Nesterenko have refused to make comments. A source close to Ministry for the Power Generating Industry, says that consortium creation could solve a competition question between state companies at distribution of the remained major fields. At the same time in Gazprom say that the variant of such consortium is not considered.

analyst IK the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov notices that in certain cases the competition between state companies only harms to realisation of projects, postponing terms of development of deposits. Creation of a consortium for realisation of some projects will help to resolve dispute between two state companies, analyst IK " agrees; Solid Denis Borisov. But, he adds, and at Rosneft and at Gazprom ambitious plans and it is very frequent it it is not possible to agree. Rosneft wanted to take part in development transferred to Gazprom the Kirinsky block on a shelf of Sakhalin, but was refused. Gazprom some years could not achieve from Rosneft the consent to share sale in Daltransgaze but the question has dared only after government intervention. Partners two state companies are only on one large active - Tomskneft .