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Itera will put MMK in coal

NGK Itera has offered Magnitogorsk metkombinatu (MMK) in common to develop the second for stocks of coal a deposit of Russia - Apsatsky in Transbaikalia. For its development it is required all to $500 million at perspective extraction of 2,5 million t coal in a year. MMK thus can solve for itself a problem of maintenance to a quarter of requirements for coal, Itera considers the project as a starting point for expansion to metallurgy.
the governor of the Chita region Ravil Geniatulin has told about plans Itera and MMK to create the joint venture for development of the Apsatsky coal-field. Yesterday in MMK have confirmed reception of the offer from Itera however have specified that the final decision while is not present. We estimate efficiency and technical aspects of the project - Elena Azovtseva has specified the representative of the company. In to Itera Also have confirmed that have made to metallurgists the proposal on joint coal mining. the deposit can become a basis for the further development of unique deposits of copper, iron ore, gold, nickel and the platinum, the located in Irkutsk and Chita areas - the president " has explained; Itera Igor Makarov.

Open Company the Arctic workings out entering in MGK Itera became the winner of auction on the right of working out of the Apsatsky deposit of coked coals in April. For an active with resources in 2,2 mlrd t coal and 55 mlrd cubic metre of gas the company has paid 1,32 mlrd rbl.

By Evgenie Rjabkova`s estimations from IK Antanta PioGlobal in deposit working out it is necessary to enclose $150 - 200 million, however even more zatratnym for the investor there can be a building of a branch line to BAMa which cost from - for complexities of a relief can reach $200 - 280 million The analyst considers such expenses for development quite proved, taking into account shortage of coked coal for metallurgy both on Russian, and on world the markets .

the Main geologist of Open Company Nafta - Moscow Alexander Samoilov considers creation of the joint venture with Itera the perspective project for MMK. the Prices for coked coals have strongly grown (twice from the beginning of year. - ) and all metallurgists want to have the deposits that the manufacture cost price was though a bit more cheaply - mister Samoilov marks. Evgenie Rjabkov adds that for MMK at which unlike other metallurgists few own source of raw materials, is interesting any more or less large coal deposit . By calculations of an analyst, on Apsatsky it is possible to extract 2 million t coked coal and 500 thousand t the power. MMK consumes 7,5 million t coked coal, that is about 25 % of requirements of industrial complex " are potentially capable to satisfy a deposit; - mister Rjabkov specifies.

At MMK on the end of half-year there was a small level of a pure debt - $489 million, therefore the company can quite find money for this project, leading expert UK " marks; finam Management Dmitry Baranov. Analysts believe that for development Apsatsky MMK can involve the coal company Belon in which 41,3 % own - if will manage to finish the share to the control.