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The airport “ Kazan “ prepare for records

the Government of Tatarstan has approved the plan of modernisation of the airport “ Kazan “ (POPPY) offered by the Bulgarian holding “ Chemical import “. To the University game - 2013 it should be capable to accept planes of all types and five million passengers in a year. Project cost becomes known by February when it is supposed to finish work on the general layout of development of the airport. Earlier Bulgarian company estimated reconstruction the POPPY in $250 million Experts consider that these investments will pay off a minimum for six years under condition of maintenance of the declared volume of passenger traffic. Yesterday it became known that on the eve of premieres - the minister of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov has approved presented by the strategic investor - the Bulgarian holding “ Chemical import “ - the plan of modernisation of the international airport “ Kazan “. As the general director has told „“ the POPPY Alexey Starostin, in the near future it will be taken out on the statement of board of directors of the company. According to the plan, within the next two years (till the end of 2010) the air terminal areas therefore its throughput will increase with 320 to 800 - 1000 persons at an o`clock will be expanded. At the second stage (by the end of 2010) will be constructed new air terminal by throughput of 2,5 thousand passengers at o`clock, platforms, rulezhnye paths, and the old runway which now is not maintained, will be reconstructed. It will reach 3,7 thousand in m at length and 60 m at width (parametres of an operating strip the POPPY - 3,4 thousand in m on 44) and will be capable to accept the greatest planes, in particular Boeing 747. Thus, to the University game - 2013 which will pass in Kazan, the airport can serve to five million passengers a year (it is expected that in 2008 a volume of passenger traffic the POPPY will make 800 thousand persons).

Open Society “ the International airport “Kazan“ “ it is created 1998. The authorised capital stock makes 198,2 million rbl. of 100 % of actions the government of Tatarstan owns. The airport “ Kazan “ is transit on internal air-lines, and also international, transporting passengers and cargoes in directions: Turkey, cςπΰνϋ the Near East, Germany, etc. Serves more than 10 Russian carriers. By data “ SPARK - Interfax “ the airport gain for 2005 has made 244,4 million rbl., net profit - 7,3 million rbl. we Will remind, the inadequate condition of the airport became a principal cause of refusal of Kazan in carrying out of Universady - 2011 (the right it to accept has received the Chinese city of Shenchzhen). Applying for the University game - 2013, Kazan has secured with promises “ himproma “ about its participation in modernisation, and presence of the investor became a city trump by consideration FISU of its demand. For the first time Tatarstan has declared the decision to involve “ himprom “ to modernisation of the Kazan aviaknot in the end of March - after a meeting of a management of the Bulgarian company with the president of republic Mintimer Shaymiev. Then the chief executive “ Chemical import “ Iwo Kamenov has informed that airport creation on five million passengers a year is estimated in $250 million, and has declared readiness of the company to invest in it on first stage $50 million In July became known the cooperation scheme: the republic authorities have informed on the decision to create state holding - Open Society “ Tatarstan - Avia “ in which the POPPY and Open Society " will enter; Airline “Tatarstan“ “. Will operate this holding of Open Society “ UK „Tatarstan - Avia“ “ created on an equal footing republic and “ Chemical import “. Thus Tatarstan will pay the of 50 % of an authorised capital stock of a management company actions “ Tatarstan - Avia “ and the Bulgarian party - money resources. According to sources „“, the aviatransport holding and its management company now are in a creation stage.

yesterday mister Starostin has noticed that the airport will be reconstructed only at the expense of investments “ Chemical import “. Their specified sum he did not name, having informed that it becomes known by the end of January - to the beginning of February of next year when the general layout of development the POPPY should be ready. Meanwhile he has noticed that during presentation of the project of commission FISU of the power of Kazan told about $600 million

the General director the POPPY has explained that the republic authorities intend to increase a volume of passenger traffic of the Kazan airport, in particular at the expense of attraction of strategic partners for airline “ Tatarstan “ from among foreign airlines by the conclusion a code - sheringovyh and interlajn - agreements. Also mister Starostin has declared intention to involve new air carriers.

Analysts consider that the recoupment of investments into the POPPY can make 6 - 11 years depending on a volume of passenger traffic and degree of development of an infrastructure. “ the volume of passenger traffic in five million persons a year can be reached under condition of growth of aviatransportations of passengers on 10 - 12 % annually. While such figures are not present. In a case if five million persons it will not be possible to reach, times of recovery of outlay can increase to 9 - 11 years, - leading expert UK „Finam Management“ has told. - Though if the aeroport infrastructure will be well developed, the basic receipts will be from it and then will really pay back the project for 6 - 8 years “.

Experts notice that in case of project realisation the Kazan airport becomes one of the largest regional airports, having reminded that a volume of passenger traffic of the nearest largest airport “ Kurumoch “ (Samara) exceeds 1,4 million, and “ Koltsovo “ (Ekaterinburg) - 1,76 million However, they have noticed that a management “ Koltsovo “ recently has declared intention at the expense of reconstruction by 2015 to leave on transportation of 14 million passengers in a year.

Polina Ivanov