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The murderer authority have found in 14 years

Law enforcement bodies of Tatarstan have opened the loud murder of one made 14 years ago of leaders of the largest Kazan organised criminal community Hadi Taktash Alexander Marjashina. Its organizer still has received six years ago term for other crimes, the intermediary was missing, and law enforcement bodies detain only the executor. As the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia across Tatarstan Edward Abdullin has informed yesterday , accusation under the item " on September, 12th has been brought to the executor of murder of Alexander Marjashina; and item 102 old UK RSFSR ( the Premeditated murder from mercenary promptings ) . The person of the killer in the interests of the investigation is not disclosed. According to mister Abdullina, accused 35 years, he was born and has grown in Khabarovsk in a family of the military man which in 1984 has moved to Kazan. Accused had skills of weapon handling - in 1990 has successfully ended Kazan suvorovskoe school then has tried to receive the higher military education in the Ulyanovsk region, but, having studied some time, has been deducted for poor progress. Its victim - Alexander Marjashin headed one of brigades of the organised criminal community (OPS) Hadi Taktash . To the name the community is obliged to street where lived the majority of its members, named in honour of the Tatar poet. Under the operative data, the community which has appeared still in the beginning 80 - h years, in the beginning 90 - h has broken up into two camps. Young members were engaged in robberies and robberies, and old men supported employment by business and capital escalating. In 1992 of the party began to clash with each other. The old residents who were in a shade of grouping led by Radikom Galiakberovym (Radzha) have used this situation. Having decided to subordinate completely to itself grouping and to close on itself all financial streams, it has hammered together own brigade which eliminated those who has not gone on the union with it. Shot as old men and young members.

under the version of the investigation, accused of 1994 experienced financial difficulties and through the friend of the family has got acquainted with insurgent OPS Hadi Taktash Evgenie Egorov on a nickname of Uryndyk. That has suggested were suvorovtsu to act in a role of the killer - to liquidate authority Marjashina for $1 thousand and 100 thousand rbl. There is no exact data that murder of Marjashina has been planned by request of Radzhi. Giving the evidences, accused has informed that Uryndyk, ordering murder, has referred that Marjashin ostensibly envies it in something, he is afraid of its revenge, from - for what has decided it to eliminate - mister Abdullin has told. Nevertheless, considering some facts, it is possible to assume that Radzha was all - taki is involved in liquidation. For example, Uryndyk was one of approached to Radzhe, and that, under the operative data, the indisputable authority of Marjashina very much prevented to achieve all completeness of the power in grouping.

authority Marjashina and its girlfriend have shot from the automatic machine in the house lift in Kazan on September, 24th, 1994. After murder fulfilment, according to the investigation, accused not only has received money for the services, but has received honour to work some time at Uryndyka the bodyguard.

by 1995 Radzhe was possible to strengthen strongly the positions in grouping and to create OPS Hadi Taktash . The community supervised more than 40 commercial structures in Kazan, Moscow and St.-Petersburg, and also a considerable share of drug trafficking and the prostitution market in Tatarstan. Arrests of members OPS have begun in the end of 1999. In January, 2002 the Supreme court of Tatarstan has sentenced Radzhu to lifelong imprisonment, 12 more person have received long terms in a high security colony. By the way, Uryndyka among condemned has not appeared - he was missing still in the end of 90 - h.

During legal investigation OPS Hadi Taktash to open murder authority Marjashina and it was not possible to detectives. in the Summer of this year employees of a criminal investigation department have received the information on the person which with the big share of probability was involved in fulfilment of this murder. The suspect have detained, and it has given grateful evidences - mister Abdullin has told.

Andrey Smirnov