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Gazprombank - invest arrives on Savelovsky

Russian Railway Open Society has opened a name of the investor of building of territory of Savelovsky station (15 hectares). The company Gazprombank - invest with which the railway monopoly has already concluded the contract on intentions, becomes the first private investor involved for land development of station in Moscow. And the choice has been made hors concours. But Mirax Group for the sake of reconstruction of Kursk station it was necessary to act as the technical customer on investment competition preparation under this project which she still can lose.
the company Gazprombank - invest and ZHeldoripoteka have signed the preliminary agreement on joint realisation of the project of building of territory of Savelovsky station, has told yesterday the general director ZHeldoripoteki Vitaly Votolevsky. the Daughter The Russian Railway will be engaged in working out of the concept and design works, the developer structure of Gazprombank will act as the investor of the project. This information was confirmed with the assistant to the general director of the company Gazprombank - invest Gleb Frank, having added that the contract with instructions of volume of investments will be concluded later. The site area, including station and tracks, makes 15 hectares. To open parametres of the project partners did not become. what part from 15 hectares will be built up, will dare to the beginning of 2009 - the mister Votolevsky has assured.

Joint-Stock Company ZHeldoripoteka it is created the Russian Railway in 2001 to build habitation for railwaymen. 100 % a minus one action are fixed in property ANO ZHeldorreforma . Joint-Stock Company realises 70 projects in the total cost about 30 mlrd rbl. In 2007 cost of actives of Joint-Stock Company, by own estimations, made 21 mlrd rbl., a gain - 4,067 mlrd rbl.

the Investment company Gazprombank - invest it is created in 2003. The founder and the basic shareholder - Gazprombank. A portfolio of projects - over 1,5 million in sq. m of office, trading and inhabited real estate.

about plans on development of territories of the Russian Railway ZHeldoripotekoj it became known in the beginning of year (see from April, 7th). Russian Railway Open Society has transferred in control to branch of 26 sites a total area of 640 hectares in Moscow, Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Astrakhan, Perm, Vladivostok, Saratov, Nizhni Novgorod and Novosibirsk. The most part is in Moscow, among them the territories adjoining to the Leningrad, Yaroslavl and Savelovsky stations, a site of a stage from platforms of Fili and Setun in the west of Moscow. Also Russian Railway Open Society together with authorities of the capital plans to close and reorientate cargo court yard of the Riga, Belarus, Kiev and Yaroslavl stations - all about 92,5 hectares (see from November, 2nd, 2007). Department already announced parametres of buildings which will be developed on a place of the Riga and Kursk stations, - 735 thousand in sq. m (see from November, 21st, 2007) and 790 thousand in sq. m (see from March, 5th, 2008) accordingly. Also the Russian Railway build up territory of a cargo court yard of station Moscow - Commodity in St.-Petersburg.

to the company Gazprombank - invest to agree about building of territories of the Russian Railway it was possible only Mirax Group: the capital developer realises the investment project on building of territories nadputevogo spaces near to the Kiev station (700 thousand sq.). Though Mirax Group acts as the technical customer of reconstruction of a building of Kursk station, the investor of building of all territory railwaymen all the same plan to choose at competition (see from March, 5th). The developer will act as the technical customer on preparation for open competition of the project of modernisation and the further reconstruction of Kursk station.

the Savelovsky station initially carrying the name Butyrsky, has been constructed in 1902. It is unique of nine Moscow stations which serves only suburban electric trains. By estimations of the chairman of board of directors of YOKES Creation (earlier the company Mega - a system ) Alexander Reprintseva, on the earths adjoining to Savelovsky station, it is possible to erect 225 - 300 thousand trading - office real estate. The volume of investments will make about $550 - 800 million Cost of the project for the developer will depend on complexity of its realisation: whether it is necessary to transfer ways, to reconstruct a building of station and to change system of power supply of networks - Alexander Reprintsev speaks.