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The market of real estate waits movement of the prices

In the prices nearest half a year for habitation in new buildings in Moscow can decrease on 10 - 20 %, and in certain cases to 30 %, realtors warn. In it will result mass emission on the market of the investment apartments which owners have lost on sharp falling of stock market. However already soon from - for the same crisis which has caused financial problems at builders and, as consequence, reduction of volumes of the offer, the price again will spread upwards, but already on a rate of inflation.
for August average cost of habitation in the Moscow new buildings has grown on 2,8 %, to $6,48 thousand for 1 sq. m (growth from the beginning of year of 29 %), is told in the corporation report Inkom . According to the company Miel in August the habitation in new houses of capital has risen in price for 4,1 %, to $7,85 thousand for 1 sq. m (growth from the beginning of year of 26,9 %), and by estimates of ARN. ru, this indicator has made 4,3 % and $7,3 thousand for 1 sq. M according to (dews since January on 27 %). Experts of the market are assured that it is last jerk of the prices for capital apartments in under construction houses before inevitable correction. after sharp falling of stock market at the large investors putting means in habitation, the panic " has begun; - general director UK " confirms; the Multibroker Natalia Kirpichenko. Speculative investors expose the apartments on sale until as the market will grope a bottom - the head of the analytical centre of the company " agrees; Inkom Dmitry Taganov. By its estimation, 10 - 15 % of all sold apartments in new buildings belong to those who put means in the investment purposes. The head of the analytical centre Indicators of the market of real estate Oleg Repchenko notices that when in the financial markets there were crisis first signs, a share of the investment buyers selling securities and putting in purchase of habitation, has increased to 50 %. If these buyers start to get rid in large quantities of apartments the prices for the Moscow new buildings till the end of this year will decrease to 10 %, mister Taganov predicts. Occurrence in the market of investment apartments can lead 20 - to percentage decrease, gives the forecast the director of department of bureau of real estate Doki Olga Pobedinsky.

According to Rosstata, in 2006 in Moscow it is constructed 4,779 million in sq. m of habitation, in 2007 - 4,821 million in sq. m, in January - June, 2008 - 1,161 million in sq. m (it is less on 50,7 % in comparison with January - June, 2007). In Moscow suburbs in 2006 it is constructed 6,484 million in sq. m, in 2007 - 7,805 million in sq. m, in the first half of the year 2008 - 2,181 million in sq. m (decrease on 7 % in comparison with the similar period of 2007). As a whole on the country in 2006 it is entered 62,3 million in sq. m of habitation, in 2007 - 97,8 million in sq. m, in the first half of the year 2008 - 21,7 million in sq. m (growth on 2,9 % in comparison with January - June, 2007).

At the expense of investors fixing profit and the builders who are throwing out on the market of apartment adhered to the best times, offer volumes in the primary market to capital grow, Oleg Repchenko marks. Thus demand was reduced approximately twice in comparison with the first half of the year, the expert adds. In most cases correction will concern habitation of low quality with inadequate cost of square metre and obvious problems with realisation, players of the market are assured. falling of the prices on 15 - 20 % should be expected on those objects which building is at a primary stage, and also at bad guarantees from the builder - the vice-president of the Russian guild of realtors Konstantin Aprelev speaks. According to Oleg Repchenko, in a risk zone there will be houses - the ant hills positioned as complexes business - and even an elite class, with the price of $15 - 20 thousand for 1 sq. m. In such cases correction can reach 30 % and more low - the expert marks.

crisis has started to be felt and in the regional markets. So, in Ekaterinburg for a summer the quantity of sales in comparison with the similar period of last year has decreased on 30 - 40 % both in quantitative expression, and in monetary, the director of the centre of real estate " marks; Northern treasury Tatyana Demenjuk. Correction of the prices for habitation has already begun in Nizhni Novgorod and Perm. for August of a new building in the most widely presented segment business - a class have fallen in price on the average on 1,5 % - the sales manager of the Nizhniy Novgorod agency of real estate " speaks; " Address; Elena Soloveva. By estimations of analysts of corporation Prospect In August the price for new habitation in Perm has decreased on 0,1 %. Novosibirsk realtors assert that falling of cost of habitation in their city for last month was not, however, according to agency RID Analytics, the tendency of occurrence of discount to the declared prices of sales was outlined: habitation cost in real transactions on 3 - 7 % below the starting price.

developers hope that expected reduction of prices will be time. the first habitation cost in regions where the big pent-up demand is observed will spread upwards. Then there will come turn of Moscow and Moscow suburbs - the representative of the SOU - 155 Feodor Sarokvasha is assured. Inevitable reduction of volumes of building becomes the Principal cause of a new coil of the prices. According to Rosstata, in January - June, 2008 in comparison with the first half of the year 2007 building volumes in Moscow suburbs were reduced to 7 %, and in capital and at all on 50,7 %. Considering financial problems of many builders and their intention to freeze new projects ( told about it yesterday), new houses it will be placed in operation even less, players of the market admit. However, the scenario of 2006 when from - for deficiency of the offer for April - May of the price have grown at once on 30 %, and for a year - more than on 50 %, will not repeat any more, Olga Pobedinsky is convinced. She considers that after passage by the market of a black strip of the price for habitation will grow on a rate of inflation.

at the same time experts consider that the secondary habitation will not undergo to serious price correction. unlike new buildings of serious changes in the secondary market of habitation it is not necessary to wait, after all the part of money with " here will rush; pervichki - Konstantin Aprelev considers.