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Bonuses have reacted to crisis beforehand

Monitoring / a labour market

According to the data the Review of salaries and indemnifications Ernst and Young 2008/ 2009 levels of annual awards following the results of work of the employee have grown and have averaged 19 - 69 % (depending on a personnel category) from the annual base salary. Still one year ago analysts Ernst and Young estimated annual bonuses in a range 20 - 46 %. Since 2005 annual awards constantly grew (the schedule) see. On essential growth of the annual bonus specify and in the consulting companies on personnel selection. The senior adviser Ward Howell Ella Sytnik notices that in the last two days it is possible to speak about 100 - percentage growth bonuses: If it is a question of the higher administrative structure growth is connected with reforming of system of motivation a top - managers. If earlier annual awards had more subjective character last years they began to become attached to key financial indicators of activity of the organisation - from - for it the top border of bonuses has disappeared. Besides, it is necessary to consider the growth of the economy which also has positively affected for the size of awards .

the Partner rekrutingovoj companies Antal International Russia Natalia Kurkchi too asserts that during the last years bonuses increased very seriously - in ones and a half - two times. we constantly observe, how the worker at transition to other work requests bolshy bonus percent - she speaks. According to Amrop Hever Group Russia, annual bonuses to employees make 10 - 30 %, at a top - management in the western companies - 30 - 50 % plus options. In the Russian companies annual bonus the management top echelon fluctuate from 50 % to 100 % from the annual fixed salary at performance of the budget plus options.

Interrogated experts assert that from - for a difficult situation in stock market the tendency of growth of annual awards can fall down . We already now feel delay of the market and we assume that since the end 2008 - go - the beginnings of 2009 bonuses will be reduced. Besides it will very strongly be slowed down, if at all will not stop, growth of salaries - Ella Sytnik speaks. Growth of bonuses will stop for any time - confirm and in Antal International Russia. Does not exclude that financial crisis will reduce the size of bonuses a top - managers, and the senior adviser Amrop Hever Group Russia Igor Chugaj. But it will depend on many factors - a macroeconomic situation, the industry in which the manager, patterns of ownership of the company and its binding bonus/ as a variable component of a package to optsionnomu to the plan " works; - the expert speaks. As certain signal to decrease in bonuses can be considered and preservation of the bottom border of their range in the middle of 2008 at level of 2007: growth of well-being of the companies was not general even before crisis.