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Judge eks - the mayor of Tuapse

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the Tuapse city court has started criminal case consideration in the relation eks - town governor Gennady Prilutsky. As have told in court, the mister Prilutsky accuse that it, being the mayor - a resort, has transferred in rent to a certain Open Company the ground area. On this site, the right to termless using which has been fixed earlier for SPO Tuapse hydrometeorological technical school Open Company intended to construct a basketball platform. The damage from the illegal transaction, according to charge, has made about 1,3 million rbl. After the bill of particulars has been read, to the defendant has been asked to speak. The fault Gennady Prilutsky did not recognise. MARINA - IVANOV, Rostov-on-Don

Business about murder of the guest worker is suspended
Criminal case upon murder of the citizen of Moldova at a summer residence of known trainer Valery Gazzayev situated near Moscow suspended from - for impossibility to establish the person of the person who is subject to criminal prosecution. As have informed yesterday sources in law enforcement bodies of Moscow Region, the decision on criminal case stay is accepted investigatory department on Odintsovo area of investigatory management of investigatory management of investigatory committee situated near Moscow at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. the corresponding decision of the inspector is accepted on the basis of UPK Russian Federation in connection with impossibility to establish the person who is subject to bringing to criminal liability - the representative of law enforcement bodies has told. As he said, some young men appeared in this business, including the son of the trainer of CSKA Aslan Gazzayev. Under the initial version of the investigation, someone from group of the young men who were on a summer residence in Odintsovo area, could shoot on imprudence from a gun at the passing by guest worker from Moldova. During the investigation, however, it was not possible to establish the concrete person who could be involved in this murder - have noted in law enforcement bodies. In investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation did not begin to make comments on this information. We will remind, in the beginning of June of this year near to a summer residence of the head coach of CSKA of Valery Gazzayev has been found out the corpse of the citizen of the Moldova who has died from a gunshot wound. Interfax

the Court has postponed a demobilisation for a year
the sentence 20 - to summer soldier Nikolay Kugashevu from a battalion of maintenance of educational process of Novosibirsk higher military command school of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Has entered validity. Srochnik has received year of a disciplinary battalion for dedovshchinu. The military court of Novosibirsk garrison recognised the soldier guilty in infringement of authorised rules of the mutual relations, interfaced to violence (item 335 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). According to business materials, in March of this year private soldier Andrey Zelenin has borrowed to Nikolay Kugashevu money. The sum was small, but also its soldier Kugashev who still had half a year to a demobilisation to return did not hurry up. Having learnt that the private soldier has complained to the commander of a company, Nikolay Kugashev has some times punched that. And on March, 27th about midnight mister Kugashev has ordered to mister Zelenin to sit down on hunkers between beds and to sing a front song. As a result of the ordinary has been cruelly beaten for bad, according to Nikolay Kugasheva, execution. After two days the victim tried to commit suicide, having opened veins. KONSTANTIN - RAVENS, Novosibirsk

Spirit from Russia overtook on the underwater pipeline
the District attorney of Virusky Office of Public Prosecutor of Estonia Rita Hlebnikova has brought accusation to 11 participants of the grouping which were engaged in contraband of spirit from Russia. Employees of tax police of Estonia have found their trace in the end of November, 2004 - then in Tallinn the minibus in which at survey it was revealed more than ton of illegal spirit has been detained. Examination has established that spirit has been made in Russia. It was during the investigation found out that it has been delivered to Estonia on almost two-kilometre hose laid on a bottom of the Narva water basin. Umeltsy built spirtoprovod from August till November, 2004, and place of acceptance on Estonian party has been equipped in garage 60 - the summer local resident. In total for nine days from Russia on it it has been pumped over about 6,2 thousand litres of spirit. At first it transported on specially equipped car in other garage where spilt on butts, and then delivered to Tallinn to local trading organisations. Public prosecutor Hlebnikova has informed that for the contraband made as a part of group, the Estonian legislation provides imprisonment for the term up to five years, and for illegal processing of spirit - till three years. ALEXANDER - SHEGEDIN, Tallinn