Rus News Journal

The horoscope

on September, 19th Friday

Is favorable day. No space factors threaten health. Only in the evening when the Moon in a Taurus in intense aspect with the Neptune, will a little raise sensitivity to chemical substances.

favorable day also approaches for any activity. Most important issues can be carried out in time intervals from the beginning of days till 15 o`clock Moscow time and from 18 o`clock to 2 o`clock in the morning. At this time the Moon forms harmonious aspects with Jupiter and Saturn in the morning, with Uranium in the afternoon and with the Sun at night.

a small unsuccessful interval on the conflict of the Moon to the Neptune with 15. 15 to 17. 50 Moscow time. At this time it is better not to sign papers, not to carry on responsible negotiations, trips. Alcohol, various liquids is dangerous. It is not necessary to undertake anything after two o`clock in the morning and till the morning as the Moon during this period of time will be without a course.

Day is favorable for public work and business. Good time for operations with securities, purchases and real estate sales. Day is good in private life. Favorable day for dialogue with the nature, employment by cookery and preparations, for walks, bathing, the playing sports, all kinds of creativity, art. In it specifies position of the Moon in a Taurus and harmonious aspect of Merkurija with the Neptune. And the days off will be moderately strained in public sphere, but for individual rest they are quite suitable.

Arieses will successfully solve practical questions, will do shopping. Will well go both office activity, and domesticities.

Tauruses will spend day in dialogue. Good time for the playing sports, all kinds of creativity, for entertainments with children.

twins with pleasure and with advantage can devote day to family questions, dialogue with relatives. It is necessary to stay on the nature.

cancers in first half of day will successfully cope with public affairs, and evening can devote to private life, family and friendly dialogue.

lions will solve questions with the heads and with documents. Evening is harmonious for any private affairs and family dialogue.

maidens can go to travel, be engaged in scientific, informative affairs, other hobbies.

scales can show the initiative in dialogue. Day is favorable for the decision of business matters, evening - for intimate life.

scorpions will increase the popularity in an external world. Day is favorable for friendly dialogue, employment on interests.

Sagittariuses will achieve the significant purposes. Day approaches for work, care of health, ecology, cleanliness.

Capricorns will have a good time with children, day is successful for travel, employment by creativity and sports.

Aquarius has favorable possibilities for dialogue with the nature and home life, house and country affairs. There are prospects and in intimate sphere.

fishes can travel together with darling or strike up business and personal acquaintances on the journey or on study.

on September, 20th Saturday
For the majority of people day concerning health the normal. At some the latent chronic diseases can be shown. From body bodies the respiratory system and hands is most sensitive.

favorable aspects pass today early in the morning. In the morning harmony between the Sun and the Moon and between Merkuriem and the Neptune will be felt still. This suitable time for family dialogue, domesticities. It is possible to be engaged in all kinds of creativity: painting, music, dances, the literature. Also good time for physical culture, bathings. It is possible to descend behind gifts of wood or to work on a country site.

but here for such responsible affairs as large purchases, signing of documents, the business beginning, day does not approach as in working hours harmonious aspects already break up, and here strained which become exact tomorrow, already come into force.

so, the Sun the conflict to Plutonom, the Moon - with Saturn forms. It potentially threatens with troubles in public life though it is unessential at us. Aggravations of military conflicts, revolutions, other political difficulties are possible. The made decisions will encounter resistance. Besides, today and tomorrow danger of some kinds of natural and technogenic accidents, earthquakes, failures in mines and on pipelines is raised. Also the aggravation of information wars is quite probable.

it is possible to go to trips, not without adventurous driving. At distant travel avoid explosive regions of the world.

in home life will be on - to a miscellaneous. Intensity is possible in those steams and families where there is a race for power, and also it does not turn out to distribute in any way duties and sphere of responsibility of everyone. If for you it is irrelevant, day should pass without conflicts.

Arieses, for you will be pressing questions of the information, daily contacts. Be able to distinguish the true information from the false.

Tauruses can face problems in material sphere. Purchases can not turn out. Disputes from - for money are possible.

twins will appear are emotionally involved in the and another`s conflicts. But your sensible and objective reasonings will help to resolve the conflict.

cancers can face the latent problems. Also do not break rules on transport in a role of the driver or the passenger.

Lions, you are threatened with collision with dangers in the world of people, technics or the nature. Be ready to actions in a difficult situation.

maidens can become successful in spiritual and creative sphere. The employment connected with water are favorable. Do not press on members of a family.

scales will be engaged in scientific, educational or literary work. Day approaches for travel. Avoid to impose sights and to enter intrigues.

scorpions should be accurate with the finance. Day is unsuccessful for public work. Struggle against the strong opponent is possible.

Sagittariuses can have problems with the heads or representatives of the power. It will be difficult to settle formalities, legal issues.

Capricorns should be engaged in daily practical affairs. It is necessary to take care about health. For private life day is not so successful.

it is useful for Aquarius to pay attention to children. Day approaches for creative and sports employment. It is not necessary to accept critical decisions in business.

fishes can have contradictions with partners, especially senior, allocated with the power, and also with the organisations.