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From the editor “ the Alibi “ have dismissed charges

Race for power

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Kirghizia yesterday recognised as illegal prosecution of the editor-in-chief unique in republic of the oppositional newspaper in the Kirghiz language “ the Alibi “ Babyrbeka Dzheenbekova. As already informed “ “ (see “ “ from September, 11th), mister Dzheenbekov has been arrested the day before for judgement default. The publication the newspaper in the end of 2007 of article about road accident with the deadly outcome Asylbek Saliev, the son of the brother of the president and the chief of a protection service of Zhanybeka Bakieva was which originator ostensibly became an occasion to it. The presidential nephew has addressed in court with the claim about honour and dignity protection and has won it. The court has obliged the newspaper to publish a refutation and to pay to the claimant of 1 million catfishes (about $29 thousand) Indemnifications. The newspaper has published a refutation, but indemnification could not pay, without having managed to collect the necessary sum. On September, 10th Babyrbek Dzheenbekov has been detained and placed in a pre-trial detention centre.

however next day the editor-in-chief have released, having thought that arrest was illegal, mister Dzheenbekov is registered by the candidate of the Bishkek city parliament from opposition party “ Ata - Meken “. Yesterday the Office of Public Prosecutor has officially cancelled the decision of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Bishkek about attraction of mister Dzheenbekova “ as accused on investigated criminal case about collecting from the newspaper of compensation of moral harm in the sum of 1 million catfishes “. The decision about election for the editor-in-chief of a preventive punishment in the form of a subscription about nevyezde is cancelled also.

However, these decisions of Office of Public Prosecutor operate only for participation of Babyrbeka Dzheenbekova in elections. According to observers, prosecution of the oppositional editor will renew right after elections when the restrictions imposed by the code about elections will disappear. Babyrbek Dzheenbekov considers that law enforcement bodies have receded under the pressure of public opinion. Now it has started release of the new newspaper under the name “ the Open policy “. “ The actions of power Kirgizstana generate new oppositionists, and to me does not remain other way how actively to participate in the politician “ - mister Dzheenbekov " has declared; “. BEK - OROZALIEV, Bishkek

In India will toughen struggle against terrorists...
the prime minister - the minister of India Manmohan Singh has informed yesterday at meeting of heads of the country that the government intends to accept the drastic measures for increase of efficiency of struggle against terrorists. To this decision the Indian authorities were pushed by a series of acts of terrorism in Delhi in which result at least 20 persons were lost and 90 have been wounded. Since 2005 in cities of India victims of explosions of bombs became more than 400 persons. Among the reasons of growth of terrorism mister Singh has noted “ serious blanks “ in information gathering on terrorists. For terrorism bridling the Indian government suggests to increase number of policemen in Delhi by 7 thousand persons, to establish tracking cameras in the most brisk places of capital and to create research department of investigation. But the most important thing as the prime minister - the minister late at night on Wednesday has declared, the government of India counts that the parliament will toughen the laws directed on struggle against offences. These measures become the answer not only to a call thrown to the Indian authorities by terrorists, but also to criticism from the opposition accusing government Manmohana of Singh in “ weaknesses “ and inability to bridle criminality. In particular, the opposition reproaches the authorities with cancellation in 2004 of the Certificate about prevention of terrorism as which the present government considers “ draconian “ and striking the rights of Moslems. Without wishing to restore the certificate, the government of mister Singh nevertheless intends to give to law enforcement bodies new stronger legal tools for fight against terrorism. AFP

... And in Mexico - with a drug mafia
the President of Mexico Felipe Calderon has urged to put an end yesterday to tolerance practice in relation to the criminals, generating at them belief in impunity. The  destruction as a result of explosions seven person in two Mexican cities on Wednesday during a national holiday became an occasion to this statement. Fault for power acts of terrorism have assigned to gangs of drug dealers.

“ I hope that each Mexican will join struggle against these public enemies, - mister Calderon has told before going to one of cities, to meet victims in act of terrorism. - would be an error to think that we can live easy if we will concern criminals tolerantly “.

On searches of drug dealers thousand military men and policemen are thrown. Local mass-media assume that acts of terrorism have been connected with dismantlings between the head of large Mexican narcocartel Hoakinom Gusman of a nickname the Pudge and local gangs. Reuters