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Banking pictures

the Exhibition

In the Moscow centre of the modern art in Zoological street has opened an one-day exhibition Art and business organised by bank Credit Suisse. Nineteen young artists from sixteen countries of the world by request of bank created the works which within the limits of the international round besides Moscow will be shown in Dubai, New York, Berlin, Geneva and Milan. Last stop on art travel Arts and businesses there is London where in Philips de Pury and Company auction of the presented works will take place. About the budget of an exhibition organizers smoothly bypassed all questions, evasively answering that half of money from auction will go on charity, and other part will get to artists.

themes for the project have been chosen not casually: among clients of bank Credit Suisse poll which has revealed key concepts for businessmen has been spent. It has appeared that the modern businessman inspire knowledge, communications, a plan, a family and social responsibility . On these themes artists also express. The curator of the project Michel Nicole it is assured that between businessmen and creators there is almost sacral communication: both those and others find inspiration there where other do not notice it. However the unique Russian participant of an exhibition Pavel Peppershtejn was not too inspired by the set themes. As madam Nicole has told, mister Peppershtejn has told that at all its value and he of anything about them does not know it. For it the main concepts hope and a basis which also became central in its two drawings. MARIA - SIDELNIKOVA

the Program
Theatre Pokrovsk expands troupe
Under the decision of the government of the Russian Federation Chamber musical theatre under the direction of Boris Pokrovsky will get additional state support along with Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatres, and also Boris Eifman`s theatre. About it on a press - the conference devoted to opening 37 - go a season, was informed by the director and the main conductor of theatre the Lion Ossovsky. As he said, the Chamber theatre unique of the Moscow musical theatres did not receive till now sufficient financing and could not provide to the actors of the decent salary, since new year the administration even intends to expand troupe.

also in this season the theatre plans to carry out some large statements. Tchaikovsky opera " becomes the first premiere; CHerevichki under Gogol`s story Night before Christmas . At Chamber theatre consider that this opera put in Big only two times - in 1887 and 1941, is forgotten nezasluzhenno, and intend to prove it in November. Remaining true to Boris Pokrovsky`s installation on new musical scores and names, the theatre has accepted to statement Nikolay Sidelnikova`s opera Run under Michael Bulgakov`s play, written 20 years ago, but never seen scene during lifetime, after death of the author, and also two one-act comic operas of Belarus composer Sergey Cortes on Chekhov`s products Anniversary and the Bear . Today the Chamber theatre opens a season a Christmas comedy of a XVIII-th century the Rostov action . MARINA - SHIMADINA