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The USA are ready to be on friendly terms with Belarus

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the USA have taken the next step to rapprochement with Belarus. Acting at hearings in the Helsinki commission of the congress of the USA, the assistant to the US State Secretary concerning democracy and human rights David Krejmer has informed that Washington is ready to consider the problem on cancellation of the sanctions entered against Belarus. It has reminded that in connection with recent clearing of political prisoners by Minsk the Ministry of Finance of the USA has resolved American citizens and companies to perform commercial operations with the Belarus enterprises. There was a possibility for advancement of our relations with Minsk. We never achieved power change in Belarus - we only wanted to change behaviour of a mode. And we hope that we observe now positive signs of such change - the representative gosdepa has told. A present curtsey of the USA towards Minsk not the first after events in Georgia (see from August, 22nd). Right after wars Minsk were visited by the assistant to the assistant to the state secretary on affairs of Europe and Eurasia David Merkel. And in the beginning of September the deputy chief the press - services gosdepa has informed that Washington is ready to full cancellation of visa and economic sanctions concerning heads of Belarus. PAVEL - BELOV