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About what has still written Svyazinvest to the minister

the Context

Svyazinvest has sent to the Minister of Communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation to Igor Schegolev two more letters. In the first, from August, 18th, the holding asks to assist in an exception Rostelecom from the register of subjects of natural monopolies. the further regulation of tariffs of Open Society Rostelecom lays down the operator in unequal conditions with other players of the market... The current situation threatens with risk of deterioration of indicators of activity of all group of Open Society Svyazinvest and, as consequence, decrease in capitalisation of holding - it is told in the letter.

in the second letter, from August, 22nd, Svyazinvest asks to change the federal law accepted on June, 26th About maintenance of unity of measurements which should come into force by the end of this year. This law, in opinion Svyazinvest Is insufficiently defined with the legal point of view and contains internal contradictions, from - for what there can be problems at its application by judicial and supervising bodies. ANNA - BALASHOVA