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spread false rumours about defeat of the advanced parts of the Russian armies

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has received yesterday the official information from law enforcement bodies of South Ossetia in connection with detention of citizens of the Russian Federation by them brothers Vadim and Vladislav Kozaevyh during war with Georgia. As appears from the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brothers of Kozaevy false rumours " spread panic and spread; creating obstacles to columns of the Russian armies . Protection of brothers names charges ahineej .
the Employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetia Vadim Kozaev and his brother Vladislav, the former commando participating in operations in Abkhazia and South Ossetia as informed have been detained in the South Ossetia settlement Dzhava on August, 9th. According to relatives of brothers, Lord Kozaevy have happened upon president Edward Kokojty whom have accused that it sits out in Dzhave, instead of is at war in Tshinvale For as have been detained and beaten by its protection.

yesterday one of sisters of Kozaevyh, Jeanne, has received the answer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation explaining of what brothers are particularly accused and that waits for them further. As we managed to find out in competent bodies of Republic South Ossetia, - it is informed in the document, - on August, 9th approximately at 13 o`clock the specified persons, being in the settlement Dzhava centre, in the presence of the big congestion of people accused power structures RJUO of a disorganisation, spread panic among the population, spread false rumours that the advanced parts of the Russian armies are crushed, and called the volunteers going to the aid of RJUO, to return back, creating obstacles to columns of the Russian armies going in Tshinval . According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, police officers and protection of the president of South Ossetia Tried to stop actions of brothers of Kozaevyh, but they did not react to requirements, and at detention have shown resistance, directing to the address of militiamen obscene abuse .

the Same document informs that on August, 9th the Office of Public Prosecutor of Dzhavsky area has filed criminal charges, having accused brothers of Kozaevyh on p.1 item 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation which operates in South Ossetia, in application of violence concerning the representative of the power and on August, 12th the court has selected it a preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment. Term of preliminary investigation and arrest of brothers expires on October, 9th this year.

Severo - Osset legal expert Ruslan Makaev named the received document ahineej : In it it is not specified, what court has given out the decision about the conclusion of Kozaevyh under guards, competent bodies which have entered into a correspondence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are not concretised also. The facts are listed in the document, reading which, it is possible to laugh only. Well as two persons can interfere with advancement of the Russian military columns? And since what time for charge of power structures in a disorganisation of the Russian citizens take into custody? as has noted Ruslan Makaev, those days in Dzhave the disorder reigned, volunteers did not know that by it to do where to go, who at them commanders and so on. If Vladislav has expressed on this theme it had on this right - it the hero of the first Georgian - Osset war - the legal expert has added.

under data representatives of law enforcement bodies have offered brothers of Kozaevym a variant at which they can receive freedom ahead of schedule. For this purpose they should act on local television, having confirmed that the charges brought against them have all bases. However both prisoners, and their defenders it is the offer have rejected.