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Ueber den Durst

Less than for two weeks to elections in ground parliament of premieres - the minister of Bavaria Gjunter Bekshtajn (HSS) has caused indignation the statement that after two litres of beer it is possible to get into the car easy.
if during Oktoberfesta to drink two litres of beer during six - seven hours it will be quite admissible, - Bekshtajn on Tuesday in interview of radio station Bayern 3 has told. - Certainly, not in the event that to drink two litres for two hours . As newspaper Abendzeitung informed earlier, Bekshtajn, the former Minister of Internal Affairs, has told once in one beer: One portion of beer can to be set off .

Everywhere are indignant
Authorized on drugs at the federal government of Sabine Bettsing considers: Probably, Bekshtajn herself has had a drop too much . As she said, two litres of beer three times exceed a dose recommended by World Health Organization. Madam Bettsing supports Moderation in pleasure by alcohol . Speech does not go about an absolute prohibition on alcohol. She means that in some situations it is necessary to refrain from alcohol intake. for example, on road or during pregnancy .

the Trade union of German policemen (GdP) also has condemned the statement of Bekshtajna, having told that it it is impossible . The chairman of Bavarian branch GdP Garald Schneider in horror: I ask a question that on it have found. Probably, he before the performance has drunk two litres of beer . The member of trade union continues: It does our work senseless . Schneider reminds of the numerous campaigns directed on prevention of drunk driving: I threaten life of people if I go on a city, having drunk two litres of beer .

Clumsy assistance before elections in landtag
On Schneider`s belief, the statement made for two weeks to elections in landtag, Bekshtajn to itself has rendered clumsy assistance . Bavarians the big nondrinkers, than our prime minister - the minister . Schneider asserts that 99 % of participants of Oktoberfesta come for a holiday public transport. Despite it, the police strenuously supervises movement on roads.

the Vsegermansky automobile club (ADAC) considers opinion of Bekshtajna nonsense . In no event it is impossible to exceed admissible norm of blood alcohol content - the representative of club considers. All people on - to a miscellaneous react to alcohol, she speaks. The greatest that the person presumes to itself to be suitable to driving - a small portion of beer or a wine glass at supper, but in any way two litres. Bekshtajnu does not follow to encourage people more to drink and then to get into the car . From - for alcohol there can be too many accidents - she adds. Under its data, for this reason in 2006 600 persons have suffered almost and has been damaged almost 27 thousand vehicles. the one who gathers for a holiday, should leave the house car - representative ADAC speaks.

Council Mageta: leave the car
the Same opinion to Frants Maget, the candidate in Bavarian landtag from Sotsial - democratic party of Germany adheres. As he said, it has nothing against on a holiday to drink one - two mugs of beer. But in this case the car it is necessary to leave houses . the Former Minister for Foreign Affairs could know it . Maget persistently recommends Bekshtajnu not to do more than similar statements . Maget considers that it is impossible to underestimate dangers of drunk driving.

the Leader of the party green in Bavaria Tereza the Shopper speaks: Certainly, while at such people as Gjunter Bekshtajn, is the personal driver, even after two litres of beer it will be possible to get into the car . Certainly, pleasure by beer is one of the Bavarian traditions, she speaks, but driving in a state of intoxication - is not present .

the Vice-president of fraction of Free democratic party accuses Bekshtajna of Bundestag Rajner Brjuderle that it offends good beer of Oktoberfesta equating it to to the diluted swill . It for certain will not be pleasant to those who has a holiday - he speaks.

however owners of a holiday agree with Bekshtajnom. One of those who is engaged in carrying out of Oktoberfesta, considers: if the adult man in weight under hundred kg for all the day will drink only two litres and thus something eats, he can easy drive the car. We too want to enjoy life .