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Deputies fill a Lubyanskaya Square

Were zamgenprokurora Vladimir Kolesnikov has offered colleagues on the Duma committee on safety to return on the place on a Lubyanskaya Square a monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky. The offer has caused an applause of committee-men and has been approved by other parliamentary fractions. The management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation intends to bring up in the near future this question at Moscow City Council session.
yesterday at session of committee on safety a member of fraction an United Russia the general - the colonel of militia Vladimir Kolesnikov has supported that the monument to the founder of system of a state security of the country to Felix Dzerzhinsky has been returned on the historical place on a Lubyanskaya Square. Mister Kolesnikov has remembered destiny of a monument after to it and to group of committee-men the president of the Union of veterans of a state security Valentine Timofeevym had been handed over the medal founded by the union 130 years from the date of F.E.Dzerzhinsky`s birth .

I would like, that this monument has returned on the place, - we receive medals, and it where? In store rooms lies? - Vladimir Kolesnikov has told. Having noted professional and personal qualities of the first head of bodies of a state security, he has suggested colleagues to return on committee a monument on Lubjanku. Colleagues have answered it with an applause, and the head of committee United Russia party member Vladimir Vasilev who also among the other has received yesterday an award, in the answer has noticed that the history will place all on the places .

Valentine Timofeev has found the offer of the Duma member fair. It has reminded that the Union of veterans of a state security to 130 - letiju Felix Dzerzhinsky, marked last year, already directed the corresponding reference to the State Duma. At the same time it has complained that a monument now is in the ugliest condition in Not dull garden open-air .

the Monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky under the project of sculptor Evgenie Vucheticha has been established in Moscow in 1958 on a Lubyanskaya Square (then Dzerzhinsky) opposite to a building in which at first there was an All-Russia extreme commission on struggle against counterrevolution and sabotage, and subsequently KGB and FSB. After attempt GKCHP to discharge of the power of the president of the USSR Michael Gorbachev in 1991 the monument has been dismantled and transferred to park of arts Muzeon behind building TSDH on Crimean to a shaft.

a member of fraction Fair Russia Gennady Gudkov has declared that it is necessary to return a monument Dzerzhinsky on Lubjanku and in general to liquidate shameful practice of moving of monuments : Let monuments stand, they can be a lesson, a reminder and all the rest simultaneously . The deputy has acted For Felix Dzerzhinsky`s returning to Lubjanku from LDPR Yury Napso also: Anyway, but it is page of our history. Now this area without a monument looks empty, it is necessary to return it back .

Communists who repeatedly supported returning iron Felix on a lawful place, already have passed to actions. vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov has asked members of Moscow City Council to bring up yesterday from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation this question at session of parliament of Moscow. we put this question repeatedly in the most different forms. However now, when an United Russia in the State Duma itself speaks about monument returning, we in Moscow City Council again will bring up this question - already on purpose to solve it within the limits of a city - he has declared having promised that voting promises to be curious .

At the moment each townsman can write the reference about installation of a monument which will be considered at session of the commission on monumental art at the Moscow municipal duma. During the existence the commission about ten times rejected of the offer about vozrashchenii a monument Dzerzhinsky on Lubjanku.