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Tax reforms will endure crisis

President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday has not dared to put an end in four-year dispute of ministers on possibility of reduction of the VAT - discussion about the tax is transferred for 2009. In the conditions of crisis the president and ministers did not begin to make decisions on the increase of the effective rate of unified social tax offered by the Ministry of Finance, under Ministry for the Power Generating Industry initiatives on decrease in taxes for the oil companies. Not to disappoint at all tax bearers, participants of meeting have approved some dot privileges.
on announced as definitive meeting on the VAT in the Kremlin Dmitry Medvedev has collected all officials responsible for taxes, including the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov, vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin, the head of Ministry of Economics Elvira Nabiullina, the chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev. Anticipating discussion, the president declared that the made decisions should not To endanger budgetary obligations which exist today . Already from this it was possible to draw a conclusion that cardinal decrease in the VAT will not be - after all ways to compensate sharp reduction of the rate of the tax for the budget at supporters of this step is not present. This assumption has proved to be true. it decided to postpone a question under the rate of the VAT for 2009 that once again all to weigh, look behind dynamics of events in the world markets, behind a situation with the price for oil which while falls - Alexey Kudrin declared results.

still recently VAT decrease seemed business almost solved. In February, 2008 Vladimir Putin in the rank of the president has promised to business introduction uniform and as much as possible low rate of the VAT and Dmitry Medvedev has called the government as soon as possible to pass the law about it. The Ministry of Economics has issued these promises in the offer on decrease in the VAT to 12 - 13 % since 2009. The Ministry of Finance against decrease has stated the arguments in budgetary strategy till 2023: losses of the budget at a rate of 950 mlrd rbl., insignificant effect for economy, threat of default of budgetary obligations of the state. Now to these arguments Alexey Kudrin has added macroeconomic risks, in set arisen in connection with crisis proceeding in the markets. The same argument has not allowed ministers to approve and new decrease in taxes on neftjanku . the Final decision is not accepted for today, but measures about additional decrease in loading on oil sector for the purpose of oil recovery stimulation " in the near future will be developed; - has informed vitse - the prime minister. There is no decision and on unified social tax, which effective rate the Ministry of Finance suggests to increase for the decision of financial problems of pension system.

news to tax bearers the president with ministers nevertheless have prepared. The Ministry of Economics was possible to achieve increase in the size of the so-called amortisation award - the right of the companies to save on the profit tax at the expense of reference on expenses not 10 %, as now, and at once 30 % of cost of installed fixed capital. The question price - 65 - 70 mlrd the rbl. As has explained the source in the government, is a question of so-called active groups of the equipment - an innovation, as he said, will be entered since 2010. Other decision for a long time expected by business - payment of the VAT from the advance payments, distracting now considerable circulating assets of the enterprises, since 2009 is cancelled. Regarding administration it decided to simplify an order of re-structuring of back taxes of the companies. According to the source in the government, this decision will exclude situations sudden arrival tax specialists on the company - they will have a possibility to spread payment of a debt to the budget.

at last, officials have accepted two decisions under taxes in stock market. It decided with 2010 to simplify an order of clearing of dividends from the taxes paid by branches by parent to the companies. This privilege entered for attraction of holdings to Russia, already operates, but from - for sets of restrictions practically does not work. Also for stimulation of long-term investments into securities at meeting it decided to enter a privilege under the tax to the income of sale of actions which citizens owned more than a year.