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United Nations General Assembly has met Serbia

the Context

to Serbia it was possible to achieve that consideration of the resolution prepared by Belgrad has been included in the agenda of General Assembly of the United Nations across Kosovo. According to this document, the international court of the United Nations should give the expert judgement of legality of unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo on February, 17th. Placing the Serbian project for consideration United Nations General Assembly, 28 members of its general committee, including even representatives of those countries who independence of Kosovo officially recognised have unanimously expressed all. The general committee of General Assembly which have approved the Serbian offer, the chairman of assembly, 21 its assistant make and chapters 6 of key committees - they make decisions on the agenda and the work organisation.

as head has told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Vuk Eremich, debate in committee was the extremely rigid and it was not in advance known, who as will vote. It is a victory of Serbia, but to rejoice early. Now the main thing - to meet with approval of the majority of the countries in General Assembly - the chief of the Serbian diplomacy has declared.