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Ukraine hopes for the fast decision of a gas question

During a meeting of premieres - ministers of Ukraine and Russia in Kishinev, Yulia Timoshenko has expressed hope of successful achievement of all strategic arrangements between the countries in sphere of deliveries of the Russian gas. Preferable to the Ukrainian party would be, according to Timoshenko, to sign corresponding contracts already by the end of November. Vladimir Putin, from its part, has assured that despite difficulties, dialogue passes positively.
today we are in understanding of that would be very good if we till the end of November could sign our strategic contracts on gas deliveries to Ukraine. I consider that our commands are ready to make today documents in these terms and to prepare them for signing - the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko is assured. Naturally, it is a lot of difficulties, but I too, as well as you, I count that at corporate level it will be possible to reach the mutually acceptable co-ordinated arrangements - the head of the Russian government has assured the colleague.

we will remind, the agreement assuming transition till the end of the year on direct mutual relations between NAK Naftogaz Ukraine and Open Society Gazprom in sphere of deliveries of natural gas, it has been signed on October, 24th. The key moment of the contract is transfer of Ukraine into market prices into gas. According to present arrangements, Ukraine pays for the Russian gas of $179,5 for 1 thousand in cubic m. As affirms as the signed document, the right to import of all volume of natural gas to territory of the country is left for Naftogaz Ukraine . However within 3 years the Ukrainian party transition on market, economically proved and vzaimosoglasovannye waits for the price for imported natural gas.

besides it, Naftogaz on agreement conditions undertakes to conclude the long-term contract on delivery 7,5 mlrd cubic m. of gas from Open Company Gazprom sale Ukraine . Also maintenance joint with the Russian side of export deliveries to the European market in the co-ordinated volumes is legalised.

we will remind, on October, 1st the head of the company Gazprom Alexey Miller has declared revision of the prices for the gas delivered in the European countries. The price will make $500 for 1 thousand in cubic m. According to Miller, dynamics of a rise in prices has appeared above, than the company assumed. Earlier Gazprom predicted such cost of gas for the European countries only by the end of the year. We will remind, earlier it was informed on intention of an exit of the Asian countries - manufacturers of gas on the European price level, and the basic consumer of gas from Asia the company " is considered; Naftogaz Ukraine which buys it at Gazprom .