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Omsk - Central will have a rest hour or so

Three and a half an hour representatives of the regional government of employees of the airport convinced yesterday Omsk - Central that the collective will not lose work after transfer of the enterprise from the federal property in the regional. But, despite all diligence of officials, workers of the airport declared intention to spend a protest action, on an hour having stopped a departure of planes from Omsk. Arguments of the parties has listened the correspondent to Galina LIPATOV. The main theme of conference of workers of Open Society the Omsk airport which has passed yesterday in an air terminal building, there was a carrying out of a protest action against transfer of 85,3 % of actions of Open Society to the regional property. It is not necessary what to strike, has arrived to convince gathered the first the vice-president of the government of the Omsk region Evgenie Vdovin. we understand your reaction - doubt and irritation. But let`s think on - chelovecheski: There is your opinion, and there is an opinion of two millions inhabitants of the Omsk region which do not support airport presence in city centre. Against you and opinion of competent bodies which have drawn the conclusion about economic feasibility of the project. Weight categories different - mister Vdovin has depicted to workers of the airport alignment of forces.
the argument about different weight categories, however, has not convinced them: words of the official interrupted laughter, whistle and shouts. Such reaction of mister Vdovin has not confused. He began to list methodically and easy arguments in favour of renewal of building of the airport Omsk - Fedorovka: the airport cannot develop in city boundaries, flights of planes over inhabited files threaten life of 300 thousand persons, Omsk - Central will not be closed before end of building Omsk - Fedorovki, the enterprise collective will be kept. we suggest you absolutely other scheme - to build the new airport, improving the old. In the text of your reference (to the president of the Russian Federation. - ) it is written that we want hapanut, to sell and be washed off. You think, your enterprise is competitive today? You such strong that can surpass Tolmachevo (the Novosibirsk airport. - )? - Evgenie Vdovin has got excited.
in October, 2008 of the power of the Omsk region declared that have agreed with Rosaviation about transfer to region from the federal property of 85,3 % of actions and Open Society property the Omsk airport . Change of the proprietor should accelerate building of the new airport Omsk - Fedorovka who can replace Omsk - Central. At the conference which have taken place on October, 31st of collective of Open Society the Omsk airport the initiative group has prepared the reference to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the requirement to suspend transfer of the Omsk region a federal share holding and airport property. As appears from the reference text, the area does not have means for project realisation and as a result closings of the operating airport and sale of its earths of 1,4 thousand employees of the enterprise remain without work, and Omsk - without air transport. In case of non receipt of the answer collective the Omsk airport intended to declare strike. On November, 13th Legislative Assembly Priirtyshja has decided to direct the reference to the federal authorities with the request to accelerate transfer of a share holding to region. share holding Transfer will lead to change of the proprietor. Whether it will keep collective with its full complement? Whether there will be on the places a management which suits us? - the employee of the airport Yury Novikov has sounded questions exciting collective. The general director of Open Society the Omsk airport Sergey Kruglov, having got of collective support, also has at all declared that the project Omsk - Fedorovka is financially - economic swindle . There is a statement that tehniko - the economic justification (FEASIBILITY REPORT) is ready, and show us it cannot supposedly it confidential. On assurance of the authorities, for the new airport It is required only 5,3 mlrd rbl. ridiculously! In Perm 6 mlrd rbl. have spent only for reconstruction take-off - a landing strip! - mister Kruglov has exclaimed.
despite Evgenie Vdovin`s assurances that the FEASIBILITY REPORT Omsk - Fedorovki will be presented in the near future and interests of collective of the operating airport will be considered, the chairman of trade union of workers the Omsk airport Nina Ittorma has read in advance prepared resolution of conference. in case of non receipt of answers from the president of the Russian Federation and the chairman of the government on our reference till December, 15th we consider that it is blocked by officials and is not has reached the addressee. In this case we stop registration of the passengers who are taking off from the Omsk airport, on December, 30th from 12 o`clock at one o`clock local time - madam Ittorma has rapped out. For such decision 284 delegates of conference have voted unanimously all. However, the action has more likely precautionary character. on December, 30th with 10. 00 to 13. 00 there is no flight departing from the Omsk airport. We have made such decision that passengers have not been restrained at all in the rights - Sergey Kruglov has shown cards.
to answer a question as events will develop further, representatives of any of the parties could not. we tried to express to them the opinion, but you only listen, on what they insist! In the decision of workers of the airport of the logician is absent completely! - Evgenie Vdovin has indignantly exclaimed, leaving a hall.