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Lefko - the bank remained without the licence


Bank of Russia has withdrawn the licence at Lefko - bank and has appointed in it acting administration. As already informed (number from October, 28th), since October, 20th Lefko see - the bank has ceased to execute payment orders of clients. In particular, the companies could not receive cash from the accounts on a salary to employees. - the bank could not count on rescue of Lefko, as, according to the law on additional measures on strengthening of stability of bank system, the help of the state is received only by the banks involving contributions of the population, and Lefko - the bank had no the corresponding licence. department of the finance

Citigroup Financial corporation Citigroup officially has stood up for sir Uina Bishoffa
has denied the information on possibility of displacement from a post of the present chairman of board of directors of sir Uina Bishoffa. Board of directors Citigroup has expressed the complete support... To sir Uinu Bishoffu also has declared that will be and to welcome further its leadership and a finding on a post - it is told in a press - corporation release. On Thursday newspaper The Wall Street Journal has informed on intention of some directors Citigroup dissatisfied with results of activity of corporation, to displace from a post of sir Uina Bishoffa, and to its place to appoint chairman of board of directors Time Warner and simultaneously the councillor of directors Citigroup Richard Parsons (see from November, 14th). Tamila Dzhodzhua

Petroleum industry
WSR and VTB discuss credit prolongation
West Siberian Resources (WSR) and VTB have started negotiations about transfer of the short-term credits involved for modernisation Khabarovsk NPZ, in the status of the long-term. About it it is told in message WSR. The Total sum of the demand line of credit makes 5 mlrd rbl. ($185 million). Credits have been involved in 2007. During negotiations WSR and its branch NK the Alliance have agreed with VTB about prolongation of term of payments under these credits for nine months. In May the Alliance already prolonged this demand line of credit from June, 30th till December, 5th, 2008. Interfax


Sitroniks has reduced a loss
Open Society Dead loss Sitroniks (the basic shareholder - AFK System ) On RSBU for nine months 2008 has made 67,3 million rbl. in comparison with dead loss - 189,7 million rbl. for the similar period of last year, it is told in the company report. A gain Sitroniksa for nine months has made 50,1 million rbl. against 54,9 million rbl. for the similar period of last year, that is has decreased on 9 %. The loss from sales in the accounting period has made 438,4 million rbl. in comparison with an unprofitable indicator of 589,4 million rbl. for nine months of last year. a prime - TASS