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Julia Peshkovoj`s choice

Current collections were created at the time of, when a word crisis it was still used in the future time or a subjunctive mood so they are full of optimism and carelessness. In particular, one of the most popular colours, as well as in last season, is gold. Impudent such, shining, self-satisfied. Any half a year back it would cause exclusively positive emotions (certainly, in those who loves gold). But since then which - that has occurred, and in gold was got chervotochinka. Not so its value is already unequivocal. Like these things would not become worse, shine on - former, and to pleasure different importunate questions are added. Whether it is pertinent? Whether it is ethic? Perhaps it is not necessary? Or all - taki is more modest? Not that that the luxury has appeared under a ban, but became not absolutely comme il faut. For certain it will be clearly later but while the general moods are that that is better from it (luxury) to refrain.

Idea as a whole useful, but on gold colour, in our opinion, it does not extend. Gold to gold rozn. As you could notice, any gilt furniture, the bagatelles finished with precious metals, and we do not offer actually gold products. The frank, barefaced luxury is not too interesting (it and so to find simply). And have no these things of the relation to tendencies. The tendency consists absolutely in the return: to steal at gold colour and to use it in absolutely plain, cheap things. The technology blessing now allow to simulate natural gold shine though on a toilet paper. And the fashion on this colour already left on the second circle. If about two years ago gold posverkivalo in collections of mainly decent marks also covered mainly decent materials (a skin, porcelain, a tree and so forth) That now it has reached the bottoms. gold sections can be seen in cheap shops of accessories and at marks like Zara Home. Bad in it is not present: unlike clothes cheap and expensive furniture marks cannot happen anywhere (unless in separately taken apartment, but this business already of the owner). Besides gold is not has left high design, and develops, grasping all new territories.

one of the outstanding copies most, perhaps, - case Paesaggi Italiani from Edra. Outstanding it and the kind, and, the main thing, the size. However, anything surprising in occurrence of so monumental gold product is not present. Paesaggi Italiani - the classical model Edra which has been thought up by the director of mark of Massimo Morotstsi. Every year she endures the new regeneration directly depending on dominating tendencies. This collection at Edra has turned out rich, motley, east so, by itself, a case have recoloured in the gold. Also it is necessary to recognise, this colour to it very much to the person. And so - that the uneasy case turns to a such curve mirror which changes space to unrecognizability. If to start with the size after Paesaggi Italiani it is necessary to represent sofa Chantilly of the same mark. A sofa undoubtedly magnificent: huge, with magnificent forms, unusually bilateral - and in such upholstery and at all knocks down. Both the material (atlas), and a shade are chosen very truly. It not cheap is brilliant - gold, and is pale - matte, leaving towards champagne. So any shouting luxury.

though on - good models Edra the kitchen from Ciatti a Tavola - as should beat the most unusual application of gold colour. Also would beat, be it hardly less slender. But in it is that and there is a charm of model Axis. Against huge monolithic kitchens, whose cases reach many metres at width and height, Axis looks a past vestige. Models and truth more than twenty years. But also then it already looked too superficially. Such it have conceived - little tables on thin legs, mobile lockers on castors - frivolous. That more unusually it looks in gold colour. Though, if it is fair, is even better it looks in a black variant (the second new furnish). Very much demonicheski, but at the expense of elegance of forms not heavy.

most extended now (but rare still recently) application of gold colour - on all trifling plastic subjects like stools. Thus each manufacturer tells that has made literally - taki break in design. It appears, difficult enough it is good to simulate colour of gold, and especially badly it co-operates with plastic. Now these problems are resolved (well, can, not everywhere, but many factories), and the diligent gold paint was strongly fixed and on it. One of pioneers here - Philippe Starck, the big fan to marry cheap and expensive. Its mark XO already some time experiments materials and shades therefore this year has shown the solid collection consisting of old and new models. Almost everyone is possible in gold or silver colour. Both so desperately sparkle that it is difficult to believe in a plastic stuffing. However, model Miss T, which easily can be accepted for a stool (there was at Stark a stool - tooth why not to make it in the form of a cup?) It is made not of plastic, and from porcelain. The size object quite impressive, but from - for fragility of a material to sit on it it is not recommended. Other sample of democratic design, zaimevshego rich furnish, - stool Tam Tam. We already wrote that at it anniversary and, hence, the manufacturer tries very much: and in gold with silver it has painted, and any difficult fluorescent colours has thought up. In general gold colour can be found out anywhere. At desire it is possible to transform apartment into a casket with jewelry. But it is not necessary. The tendency does not provide it. To laugh, add hardly shine - but not to perceive it seriously.