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Inspectors have found budget money at propagandists

Investigating bodies have established the fact of illegal use of means of the regional budget for election campaign financing in the State Duma of 2007. Yury Sychev yesterday has informed on it zamrukovoditelja regional investigatory management. Initially money intended for improvement of professional skill of educators. However officials of local managements of formation used them as payment of participation of teachers in propaganda actions. Also inspectors check participation in infringements of the Minister of Education of edge of Nikolay Karpushina. Yesterday the assistant to regional investigatory management of investigatory committee (SOU SK) at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Sychev on a press - conferences has confirmed the fact of use of money resources of the regional Ministry of Education for payment of compensations to the teachers participating in propaganda campaign on elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation in last year.

Frauds with ministry means have been found out during check of activity of management of formation of Gubahinsky area. As a result of July, 21st, 2008 the Gubahinsky investigatory department of regional investigatory management has filed criminal charges concerning the head of department of formation of area of Svetlana Zenkovoj. The crimes provided by a part of 3 articles 160 and a part of 1 article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" have been incriminated it; Assignment and waste of money resources with use of the office position in the large size and Excess of powers of office ) .

Law enforcement bodies have established that in December, 2007 from regional fund of indemnifications in the area budget means of the budget of the Perm edge at the rate about 377 thousand rbl. Money have arrived have been allocated for maintenance of state guarantees on general education reception in educational institutions, including on improvement of professional skill of teachers. Inspectors consider that these means have been translated into accounts of the regional centre of development of guardianship which has there and then cashed them, but any training actually was not spent. Later criminal cases have been raised in the relation of heads of managements of formation of five municipal areas. Also under a consequence there was also a head of the centre of development of guardianship Alexey Smirnov. In management consider, what exactly he was engaged in cashing in of the received money and transferred to their directors of schools who gave out to their employees as awards for active participation in elections. As a result all affairs have been united in uniform manufacture by a principle of similarity and transferred in department on investigation of especially important criminal cases of SOU SK. To name party in which advantage teachers agitated, in investigatory management while refuse.

thus in law enforcement bodies do not exclude that similar infringements have been admitted and in other territories. So, the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Perm edge Valery Tcherkasov has explained that in sight there are managements of formation of 19 areas . As he said, the supervising body together with field services inspects their activity. And Yury Sychev has added that investigatory management establishes participation in infringement of the law of the Minister of Education of edge of Nikolay Karpushina. the Facts confirming participation of mister Karpushina, it is not revealed yet, - mister Sychev speaks, - but we check this information .

Nikolay Karpushin has reacted to Yury Sychev`s statement easy. I cannot comment on anything as it is not familiar neither with business materials, nor with indications of suspects and witnesses, - it has explained, - to me with such questions nobody addressed . Mister Karpushin considers that an education system do by the hostage of political intrigues . Though let check that want, their this right - the minister has explained.
Maxim Strugov