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  MERGES And ABSORPTION “ Permnefteprodukt “ will finish the transaction in Udmurtiya in it godusdelka on acquisition by the company “ LUKOIL - Permnefteprodukt “ (PNP) Open Society actions “ Udmurtnefteprodukt “ (UNP) at minority shareholders can be finished till December, 1st, 2008. On it „“ has informed a source in the Udmurt company, having explained that the scheme of the transaction which has been co-ordinated still two years ago, remains former. “ we express careful hope that all processes will come to the end till December, 1st “ - the interlocutor has told. Meanwhile the source in PNP names later termination dates of the transaction - the end of the year. We will remind, in the beginning of year general director PNP Vladimir Dmitrys expected to finish the transaction by April, 1st, 2008. 52 % of actions UNP plus to already available PNP 41,81 % of ordinary actions of this company were a question of purchase approximately. For today shareholders also are Open Company “ The Izhevsk arsenal “ - 15,25 %, Open Company “ the Inter-regional leasing company “ - 14,68 %, Open Company “ the Trading house “Udmurtnefteprodukt“ “ - 10,74 %, Open Company “ Allegro “ - 11,24 %. We will notice that UNP has already appointed extraordinary meeting of shareholders to December, 18th. One of questions in the summons - the preschedule termination of powers of general director Andrey Shutova and election of the new head. By data „“, PNP has already proposed the candidate on this post - one of managers NK “ LUKOIL “ Yury Nekrasov.
Galina Volkova, Izhevsk

  JUDICIARY PRACTICE Accused of abduction of the businessman threatens till 15 years nevolivchera in the Perm regional court debate of the parties on the case of abduction and preparation for murder of businessman Pavel Shkljaeva has come to the end. The Dock since October, 22nd divide the director of Open Company IPK “ the Bear “ Marat Sadykov and five its accomplices. According to version MRSO across Perm investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, g - n Sadykov for 900 thousand rbl. has ordered murder of former partner Pavel Shkljaeva. Acted in a role of the organizer earlier offender Nikolay Meljuhanov has employed four executors: Alexander Popova, Anikeev, Vladimir Lukijansky and Sergey Petuhova`s Novel. For commission of crime have been bought a motor vehicle VAZ - 2115, altered under shooting by fighting cartridges a gas pistol and especially strong import shovel. In the evening on March, 11th, 2008 the victim have stolen in the street Murom, but on the way to a place of punishment and a burial place he has managed to jump out of a motor vehicle. Next day all prospective malefactors were detained by employees UBOP of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. State accuser Sergey Syrov has asked to sentence the prospective customer to 15 years of imprisonment, and other defendants has suggested to punish the conclusion for the term from seven till 13 years. Representing interests g - on Sadykov lawyer Dmitry Hitrin has declared absence of proofs of its guilt and has asked about the justification. On Monday the defendant will give last word.
Michael Lobanov

  CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PMZ has bought bank actions “ Kauri “ Yesterday Open Society “ the Perm flour-grinding factory “ (PMZ) has informed on acquisition of 19,96 % of actions of Open Society AKB “ Kauri “. The Sum of transaction has made 125,283 million rbl. of the Action of bank have passed PMZ from Open Company “ the Agroresource “ which has conceded securities within the limits of two contracts on delivery of grain from 2006. 48 % of ordinary actions PMZ and bank “ Kauri “ are supervised by group of businessmen led by the chairman of board of directors of flour-grinding factory Evgenie Vilhovetsky. G - n Vilhovetsky has refused to clear transaction details, only having informed that “ it is necessary for business “. It is necessary to notice that has filed criminal charges against supervising shareholders PMZ this summer of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of edge, having suspected them of plunder of means of factory for the sum of 130 million rbl.
Vyacheslav Sukhanov

SMZ for nine months has increased net profit in six razoao “ Solikamsk magnesian factory “ (SMZ, the Perm edge) in January - September, 2008 has increased net profit in 5,9 times in comparison with the similar period of last year to 172,958 million rbl. SMZ has increased a gain by 30 % - to 2,331 mlrd rbl. According to the report, influence on the size of a gain and net profit in the third quarter 2008 have rendered dollar course changes, and also a rise in prices for finished goods. SMZ delivers for export almost 100 % of made rare-earth production and about 60 % of volume of output of magnesium and alloys. 38,9 % of actions belong Rusal Magnesium Ltd, 12,5 % - Open Company “ Silvinit - Transport “ 18,9 % - Open Company PSR “ Irdom “ 18,9 % - Galua Management.
“ Interfax “

  ARBITRATION “ the Technical system “ could not move “ KamPassazhirTrans “ from parkaarbitrazhnyj the court of the Perm edge has refused to Open Company “ the Technical system “ in satisfaction of claim requirements on cancellation of the lease contract of a complex of a municipal motor car park Ή1 in the street Izhevsk, 25. Now Open Company " here takes place; KamPassazhirTrans “ (KPT), under control KAMAZu. Open Company “ the Technical system “ has tried to recognise illegal the transaction in which course the property of a motor car park Ή1 has been rented KPT in 2007 within the limits of the investment agreement between daughter KAMAZa and municipality. Earlier a motor car park Ή1 rented Open Company “ the Technical system “ but the enterprise has not coped with the lease contract and has run into debt in the budget of Perm of an order of 1,6 million rbl. Within the limits of the tripartite agreement the right of rent of park on Izhevsk for a period of eight years has departed to KPT. On conditions of the agreement the enterprise from Tatarstan has extinguished debts “ the Technical system “ was obliged to enclose in development of a bus economy of Perm 8 mlrd rbl., including to create the technical centre on service of passenger transport and to deduce on city routes more than hundred buses of mark “ nefaz “. However, as the director of Open Company " has declared „“; the Technical system “ Michael Uhvatov, KPT has compelled to refuse carriers services KPT as the enterprise does not render services in servicing of buses, a rent for parking on Izhevsk, 25 above average across Perm in ones and a half - two times. By words g - on Uhvatova, now the areas in a motor car park Ή1 are handed over under a truck transport ritejlerov, in passenger transportations KPT actually does not participate and does not satisfy an agreement condition, it and became the reason of the claim of Open Company “ the Technical system “ to Open Company “ KamPassazhirTrans “. Michael Uhvatov has explained „“ that the decision on the appeal it will accept after reception motivirovannogo arbitration court decisions. Thus, under the information „“, the Perm mayoralty has claims to execution KPT of the investment agreement as the enterprise and could not put to Perm buses “ nefaz “. „“ It was not possible to find out position KPT, as the mobile phone of the representative of concern KAMAZ Daniel Zhdanova was out of an access zone.
Olga Sedurina