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  Antimonopoly practice “ Ruspolimet “ it is fined for abusing polozheniemkulebakskoe Open Society “ Ruspolimet “ otshrafovano on 1,18 million rbl. for an establishment of exclusively high price for ring preparations from nikelsoderzhashchego an alloy for aircraft engines. On it have informed yesterday in Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) Russia. Business in the relation of the enterprise for signs of infringement of item 10 of the law “ About competition protection “ it has been raised on March, 11th, 2008 under statement FGUP “ the Moscow machine-building manufacturing enterprise “Salute“ “. According to FAS, inflated prices of ring preparations “ Ruspolimet “ has established since January, 2006. The chairman of board of directors “ Ruspolimeta “ Alexander Konjuhov has informed yesterday that was not defined yet, will or not appeal against against decision FAS.
Elizabeth Zubakina

  Corporate governance “ Gorki metzavod “ likvidirujutaktsionery Open Society “ Gorki metal works “ at extraordinary meeting will consider the problem on society liquidation. About it it is told in the yesterday`s message of factory. The meeting will pass in the correspondence form. Bulletins for voting are accepted till December, 5th, 2008. Enterprise dead loss for nine months 2008 has increased in 2,2 times in comparison with a similar indicator of 2007 to 35,67 million rbl. of 80,86 % of an authorised capital stock of a society belong to Open Company “ Astreja “ (Uglich, Yaroslavl region).
“ IF - region “

  Results Bumkombinat “ Volga “ has lowered profit on 50%ΞΐΞ “ Volga “ (Balahninsky bumkombinat) following the results of nine months 2008 has received net profit in 471,34 million rbl. that on 48,1 % less than a similar indicator of 2007. About it it is told in the quarterly report of the enterprise. The gain has made 6,76 mlrd rbl. (growth of 7,6 %), the cost price - 5,61 mlrd rbl. (growth of 23,4 %), total profit - 1,15 mlrd rbl. (decrease in 33,8 %), profit on sales - 716,58 million rbl. (decrease in 45,8 %), profit to the taxation - 653,14 million rbl. (decrease in 46,3 %).
“ Interfax “

  the Tender the State block of shares “ Mordovenergosbyta “ it is exposed on prodazhurossijsky fund of federal property has exposed on sale a state block of shares of actions (9,888 %) Open Society “ the Mordovian power marketing company “ (“ Mordovenergosbyt “) . As they say in the fund message, auction is appointed to December, 12th, 2008. On auction it is exposed 133 million ordinary registered stocks of the enterprise. The package face-value - 1,81 million rbl., the initial price of sale - 25,67 million rbl., an auction step - 100 thousand rbl. a company Authorized capital stock makes 18,293 million rbl. of Open Company “ energoinvest “ 53,14 % of actions of a society, Luxembourg Clearstream Banking S own. A. - 11,11 %.
RIA “ News “

  State supervision “ the Nizhniy Novgorod steam-ship “ have obliged to construct clearing sooruzhenijasud the Pine forest of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has obliged Open Society “ the Nizhniy Novgorod steam-ship “ to stop pollution of Volga. On it yesterday have informed in the Nizhniy Novgorod interdistrict nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor which has addressed in court with the requirement to oblige factory to provide standard sewage treatment. Annually throughout 20 years the enterprise dumps to Volga of 1,7 million in cubic m of crude waters. Supervising departments periodically took out to the requirement enterprise to construct treatment facilities, however they have not been executed. The factory is obliged to execute a judgement till November, 1st, 2009.
NIA “ Nizhni Novgorod “

  Yury Luzhkov has opened Visit “ the House of Moscow “ Yesterday in Balakhna the Nizhniy Novgorod region the cultural centre " has opened; the House of Moscow “. At solemn ceremony there was a governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Valery Shantsev and the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov. The dosugovyj centre has been constructed on means of the government of Moscow, the allocated 220 million rbl. on project realisation. In “ the House of Moscow “ the library, museum of local lore, a museum of a national home guard, the Internet - cafe, a conference - a hall and two gyms work.
Lyudmila Aristov

  Car industry Vladimir Putin have puzzled GAZomDeputat the State Duma of Russia Nikolay Ryabov has directed to the chairman of the government of Russia Vladimir Putin inquiry concerning a situation at the Nizhniy Novgorod factory of group GAS. The deputy has informed on it yesterday. “ I ask the head of the government to understand with the most complicated situation on Gorki car factory which, under my information, are going to sell the Canadian company Magna. After all it is not known, on what conditions the factory " is got; - deputy Ryabov has explained. Under its information, “ the car factory controlling interest is already transferred the foreign company “. In group and companies Magna Nikolay Ryabov`s data deny GAS.
news agency “ Rosbalt “ Ivan Sergeev