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Gubduma in crisis

the Samara provincial thought has directed to the government of area a package of proposals on counteraction to an economic crisis in areas. Such information of members of parliament has requested regional minekonomrazvitija. In the area government refuse to make comments on ideas of the deputy case. The most interesting offers on decrease in taxes for business have seemed to analysts. As it became known , on November, 11th the Ministry of Trade and economic development of the Samara region has sent to a provincial thought the letter in which has asked parliament to present by November, 13th of the offer on counteraction to consequences world financially - an economic crisis in region territory. As have explained in the letter, ideas of members of parliament were necessary for working out of the plan of action on decrease in negative influence of world financial crisis on socially - an economic development of the region.
Not all deputies have responded to the offer minekonomrazvitija, and some did not know about it. how the simple deputy can give offers on an exit from universal crisis? - The member gubdumy Alexander Erisov was surprised. - the Problem very difficult. Therefore I have suggested to make the explanatory note from heads of all enterprises of area - state and commercial in which their plans would be specified, to requirement. From myself I have refused to give offers . I do not have information that offers " gathered; - deputy Dmitry Anishchenko has informed.
Nevertheless, on Thursday the organizational department of regional parliament has sent the summary table of offers from committees. Them it has appeared more than 40. To tell, what exactly was included into this list, in orgotdele have refused.
some details of offers became known. For example, the committee on petrochemistry, toplivno - to a power complex and preservation of the environment has directed two initiatives. Deputies have suggested to support at the expense of the regional budget fund of development of the Samara regional fund of habitation and a mortgage and the Samara regional fund of support of individual building on village. Also the committee has suggested the area government to enter into agreements with the largest banks in region on which financial institutions would not raise the rate under credits more, than on 3 % from the Russian Federation established by the Central Bank of the refinancing rate. Deputy Anatoly Gontar has told that has advised to executive power to lower cost of rent of premises and the earth for businessmen. Also he has suggested the area government to understand with the prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. if the price for oil has fallen from $149 for barrel of oil to $50 - 60 also the price for fuel should decrease at least to begin with to 15 roubles for litre, - the member of parliament considers. - the political will Here is necessary. Now the oil companies, without lowering the price for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, it is artificial accelerate inflation . The committee on local government has suggested two ideas. we have suggested to increase indemnification from the regional budget to manufacturers and pererabotchikam agricultural products to 100 % of the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by service of investment credits - the chairman of committee Nikolay Rents has told. Earlier the area compensated two thirds of rate of refinancing. Mister Rents has explained that it is a question of the credits taken on modernisation and updating of industrial base. According to the member of parliament it should stop a tendency of turning of investment projects from - for rises in price of credits. Also the committee has suggested to lower taxable base for the enterprises for the profit tax according to expenses of the companies for modernisation of manufacture and introduction of new technologies.
in the ministry of economic development did not begin to estimate idea of members of parliament. While we do not make comments on this theme - Natalia Evteeva has told the deputy minister. it is possible to name Some offers utopian, - analyst IK " considers; finam Julia Golysheva. - For example to oblige banks to give credits at level rates of refinancing plus of 3 % means to force them to work to itself at a loss. It will lead to that the credit organisations absolutely will refuse crediting . According to madam Golyshevoj, reduction of prices on PETROLEUM PRODUCTS in separately taken region also is equivalent to deficiency occurrence. then the companies will sell fuel in other regions where they can count on the big margin, - she has noted. - reduction of prices on gasoline probably only in scales of all country .
Positively experts have estimated idea of maintenance of the funds putting means in building. it can be more effective tool, - Julia Golysheva considers. - Another matter that very essential sums will be necessary for the effective decision of a problem - ten billions roubles . According to the chief of department of analytics UK the Capital Sergey Karyhalina, such measure can support branch for a while, but essentially break a situation is not capable. Interesting the idea with indemnification of rates under credits has seemed to mister Karyhalinu. The most effective offers on decrease in the rate of rent of real estate have seemed to analysts. it will really support regional business, will allow many companies to refuse personnel reductions - Julia Golysheva believes. to Leave money in the companies now - the most effective way it to help - Sergey Karyhalin considers.
Maria Gutorova