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The Office of Public Prosecutor dismisses vitse - mayors

the Astrakhan regional Office of Public Prosecutor has addressed to gordume Astrakhan with the offer to correct statutory acts according to which the mayoralty is formed. According to the decision of a thought from September, 25th, in administration structure is 3 vitse - the mayor that contradicts the regional register of municipal posts and the city charter. Officially city authorities do not make comments on the reference of Office of Public Prosecutor. Observers believe that most likely gorduma will try to make amendments to the regional law, than will change developed structure. The Office of Public Prosecutor has directed in gordumu the letter where has offered to consider modification possibility in the decision gordumy from September, 25th 130. This decision the representative body has confirmed new structure of a city administration. According to the document, between the mayor and its assistants there are three vitse - the mayor. One is responsible for housing and communal services, transport and passenger transportations. The chief of exchequer Marat Abdulhalykov has been appointed to this post were zammera. The second vitse - the mayor is responsible for social policy, formation, culture, public health services, sports and administration staff functioning. The head of administration of the mayoralty, the friend of the mayor Alexey Vybornov have been appointed to this post. At last, the third vitse - the mayor is responsible for economy and investments. On this post since 2005 there is Evgenie Aptekar.
at the same time in the regional law About individual questions of legal regulation of municipal service in the Astrakhan region it is said that posts vitse - the mayor does not exist, - is only the first deputy of the mayor . In the city charter presence only one first deputy makes a reservation.
according to the first deputy of prosecutor of the region Igor Korovin, the supervising body saw discrepancy to the regional law and earlier - when in the mayoralty there was an institute vitse - mayors. But this norm does not mention nobody`s interests, the register of posts in the regional law is not the list of staff, - therefore the Office of Public Prosecutor has decided not to direct the protest and has not gone to court, and has decided to act with the recommendation - has explained the first zamprokurora. As he said, the Office of Public Prosecutor has decided to send the letter to a municipal duma only because in supervising body the deputy gordumy Evgenie Dunaev has officially addressed. The deputy has specified on direct infringement of the legislation of the Russian Federation also has asked to take measures.
with the initiative to change structure in which since 2005 there are two posts vitse - mayors, mister Dunaev has acted in 2007. However then the thought management has scarified the initiative. Yesterday in gordume and goradministratsii comments have refused. The source in a thought, however, has noticed that the representative body management, most likely, will receive instructions from the mayoralty not to change the decision on administration structure. Most likely the municipal duma will address in regional with the initiative to make amendments to the regional law, - that any vitse - the mayor should not be reduced, - has assumed a source. - however in regional Duma city initiatives usually zarubajut so, probably, vitse - mayors should be reduced .
With it the author of the reference in Office of Public Prosecutor Evgenie Dunaev agrees. Thus he adds that even if half-editings will be brought in the regional law, gorduma will be all the same compelled to cancel the decision 130 and to accept new as the old will stop the action automatically.
Alexey Dmitrys, Astrakhan