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Undervud in club 16 tons

Weakened krymchane, already more than ten years playing the present Russian fate, were fell in love to Russians at the beginning of 2000 - h when the song about Gagarin has literally captivated all possible actions under aegis Our radio . The composition company about the favourite Soviet cosmonaut invariably made slightly mysterious Watch its left hand .

Against numerous colleagues (and radioformatnyh domestic collectives those gold years was enough) Maxim Kucherenko and Vladimir Tkachenko were allocated with wit and unusual distinctness of verses. Unlike inconsistent and senseless metaphors, characteristic for Russian fate of the beginning 2000 - h, in songs Undervuda the plot which it would be desirable to follow was guessed.

the Renaissance of interest to creativity Russian - the Ukrainian group which to the middle of decade remembered all less often, was outlined in 2007. An album Opium for the people the material to which registered within two years, has returned Undervud in dense rotation - a song It is destiny and written down together with group Bi - 2 My love have easily and strongly won an air.

and autumn of the expiring year the group had a new album All whom you so strongly loved - it is touching - a nostalgic plate which admirers (even those from them who for the obvious reasons cannot remember Soviet Union) have accepted extremely favourably.

it is visible, scale presentation in 2 has not sufficed - forthcoming performance in 16 tons too it will be devoted representation of a material from a new album.

Tequilajazzz in club 16 tons
After long-term calm Petersburg group Tequilajazzz gradually comes back to active creative life. One year ago Evgenie Fedorova`s command has presented the new concert program constructed for the lack of the written down disk round a single Berlin then strange adventures - one another were mass-produced enough more unexpectedly.

for the last year Tequilajazzz had time to win back some tens concerts in the most different clubs on all country and to be noted by extravagant performance at top of Elbrus. And till the end of a month of Feodors with colleagues intend to appear in the company with Michael Bojarsky, Tony Sheridan and mitkami in a Petersburg recreation centre of Lensoveta where will take place a concert under the name Bitlomagija .

Thereupon a forthcoming concert in 16 tons It is possible to perceive as possibility to listen Tequilajazzz without all this remarkable trick - possibility especially pleasant that, despite the every possible metamorphoses which have occurred to collective for 15 years of its existence, Tequilajazzz always remained group interesting and exclusively musical.

sounding Tequilajazzz repeatedly changed - from hardly the adapted industrial hardcore to original guitar brejkbita, from rectilinear rigidity to almost ideal formatnosti. Period songs Berlin softer, than usually expect from Tequilajazzz, places shy and almost insinuating. But these songs are habitually good, and the main thing, are extremely charming - owing to this unexpected shyness.