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For interview it is impossible in a punishment cell

Ingodinsky regional court of Chita yesterday recognised as illegal Michael Khodorkovsky`s premise in a punishment cell after the publication of its interview to writer Boris Akuninu in magazine Esquire. The court has not found proofs which would confirm infringements from prisoner Khodorkovsky.
Eks - the head of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky has been placed for 12 days in a punishment cell of the Chita pre-trial detention centre on October, 8th - right after sessions of the Chita regional court which has once again prolonged to it term of holding in custody till February, 2nd, 2009 and some days before consideration by cassation court has refused in conditional - an early release (UDO).

As already informed in the beginning of October in the Russian-speaking version of magazine Esquire conversation of writer Boris Akunina with Michael Khodorkovsky has been published, and the insulator administration has seen in it infringement of rules of correspondence of the condemned. Michael Khodorkovsky Vadim Kljuvgant`s lawyer has informed then That usually all letters pass censorship and are registered also any illegal Michael Khodorkovsky did not write letters and did not receive: When the person for something punish, at first it is necessary to prove, show the infringement fact: in this case - such illegal correspondence. And it was not .

the Lawyer has let know that correspondence dialogue of writer Boris Akunina with Michael Khodorkovsky occurred to the help of lawyers, but any letters or notes defenders did not transfer: Neither we, nor Khodorkovsky write nothing at the meetings, we work on hearing. Probably, as was and in this case. Preparation of interview for the publication lasted some months .

Yesterday at session of Ingodinsky court Michael Khodorkovsky`s lawyers have acted with the same position. Besides, the lawyer Natalia Terekhov has declared, as collecting term on such infringement makes no more than two months, and work on interview preparation has been finished in June of this year so the pre-trial detention centre administration in general was late with punishment, not to mention its illegality.

representatives of administration, from its part, have declared that it was lasting infringement and Michael Khodorkovsky`s purpose was to finish to the public the position, also this infringement when Esquire has published interview has been finished. It turns out, to Michael Khodorkovsky also have specified that he cannot publicly come up with the ideas - has commented such position of respondents lawyer Kljuvgant.

However the pre-trial detention centre administration could not present to court material evidences of infringement from Michael Khodorkovsky - any correspondence with Boris Akuninym, at least infringement videorecordings (lawyers notice that Michael Khodorkovsky is under constant video observation so if infringement was, it would be fixed by chambers). As a result the Ingodinsky court has considered that collecting on prisoner Khodorkovsky has been imposed illegally.

the representative of administration of a pre-trial detention centre has refused comments, however has declared that the establishment will appeal against against the decision of Ingodinsky court.

in turn, lawyer Vadim Kljuvgant has declared that now protection is going to appeal against in court against two more collectings imposed on Michael Khodorkovsky in August, for two days prior to the beginning of litigation on UDO. However, the administration of a pre-trial detention centre has not found the lawful bases for use of these collectings in court on UDO, but they while appear in documents, and lawyers intend to cancel and them. at first three days of a punishment cell have given to Michael Khodorkovsky that he ostensibly has not reported in time on the person on duty on quantity of prisoners in the chamber, and then it was reprimanded that as if has not washed in due time a tank for potable water - though potable water at them basically is not present - has explained Vadim Kljuvgant. Mister Kljuvgant has told that when lawyers will receive on hands all judgements on collectings, they will solve, whether it is necessary to put in the statement for excitation of criminal case concerning administration of the Chita pre-trial detention centre.

writer Boris Akunin considers that the pre-trial detention centre management should be certainly punished. According to the writer, he wrote applications in the Chita Office of Public Prosecutor and court, proving that no infringements from mister Khodorkovsky existing. Now at me two questions: in - the first who will be responsible for this illegal decision (about the conclusion of mister Khodorkovsky in a punishment cell. - ) and, in - the second who will return to the person of 12 days of the life spent in a punishment cell? - the mister Akunin to agency " has told; RIA Novosti news agency .