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  SUPERVISION “ Tatneft “ intend to buy actives of the Moscow company of Open Society “ Tatneft “ has submitted en face the petition for reception to the property of the basic industrial means of Joint-Stock Company “ Samp - R “ (Moscow). “ Tatneft “ intend to get 58,19 % of balance cost of the basic industrial means and non-material actives of Joint-Stock Company which principal view of activity is wholesale trade in fuel. In connection with necessity of additional consideration of the petition, and also reception of additional information FAS of Russia has prolonged term of its consideration as the transaction declared in the petition can lead to competition restriction. In Open Society “ Tatneft “ on the transaction do not make comments.
“ Interfax - the Volga region “

  the TRANSACTION “ Clear up “ has got Davlekanovsky flour-grinding factory of Open Society “ Group “Clear up“ “ one of leading agroholdings of the Russian Federation, has got Davlekanovsky flour-grinding factory in Bashkiria. The transaction has been made in October, its cost has made 108 million rbl. As have informed in the company, the factory has been bought at auction. Except processing, it has also capacities on production storage. Single capacities on storage make 70 thousand t, overworking - more than 600 thousand t a day.
group “ Clear up “ has been created in 1992. Now it has two branch holdings - grain and sugar - and is engaged in manufacture, processing and agricultural products realisation. The core benefitsiarom holding is its president Igor Potapenko.
“ Interfax “

  SHOTS In Bashkiria will reduce mashinostroitelejv Open Society “ the Ufa engine-building production association “ (UMPO, Bashkiria) it is signed the order on reduction of shots, the minister of the industry, the investment and innovative policy of republic Yury Pustovgarov has declared yesterday during a round table. According to the document, dismissal 1100 persons are subject, and all 1810 established posts will be reduced, nearby 700 from which are vacant. “ basically reduction concerns administrative shots, - has told g - n Pustovgarov. Is it is connected with planned optimisation of factory staff, and financial crisis only has pushed this process. Thus at the enterprise reception of workers on available vacant places " proceeds;. As the minister has specified, UMPO for three years forward is completed by orders which are financed from budgets of the countries buying military technology.

  the FINANCE “ Kazanorgsintez “ has increased Open Society gain “ Kazanorgsintez “ in January - September has received a gain at a rate of 18,76 mlrd rbl. That on 22,1 % exceeds the similar period of last year. Open Society explains increase in a gain growth of volumes of realisation, the prices for production and change of structure of shipment. The cost price at the expense of a rise in prices for the basic gas raw materials has grown on 36,1 % - to 14,434 mlrd rbl. the Total profit has decreased on 9,1 % - to 4,322 mlrd rbl., profit on sales - on 35,4 %, to 2,066 mlrd rbl., profit to the taxation - in 40,8 times, to 74,6 million rbl. of Open Society “ Kazanorgsintez “ within January - September has increased a total sum of long-term and short-term obligations by 25,4 % against the beginning of year - to 32,055 mlrd rbl. the Sum of short-term credits and loans has grown on 65,1 % - to 5,019 mlrd rbl., long-term - on 24 %, to 22,136 mlrd rbl.
Open Society “ Gazprom “ has put on the enterprise in January - September of 251,2 thousand t etana that on 54,3 % exceeds an indicator of the similar period of last year. Open Society “ Nizhnekamskneftehim “ Has put 151,9 thousand t etilena that on 55,3 % has exceeded deliveries for the similar period of last year. The company was the unique supplier of this kind of raw materials on “ Kazanorgsintez “.
“ Interfax - the Volga region “