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Presidents have delicately kneaded a theme

Yesterday presidents of Russia and France Dmitry Medvedev and Nikola Sarkozy have participated in the summit Russia - EU, and then a considerable part of time have spent before journalists for, that their this meeting subsequently has not acquired nonexistent details as it unexpectedly happens with last - in Moscow. With existing and essential details from Nitstsy - the special correspondent ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV.
leaders of Russia and EU have met yesterday in the Palace of kings of Sardinia. The president of France Nikola Sarkozy could leave the car directly at an input in a palace, but has preferred to leave metres for two hundred. It has allowed it to shake minutes ten hands to uneasy citizens of Nitstsy who have seen the president in the native city the first time after its election on a high post.

and they looked also truth excited: Eventually at this time year Nice cannot offer any other entertainments to them.

becoming at an input in a palace, Nikola Sarkozy together with mayor Nitstsy Christian Estrozi and the Supreme representative of EU on foreign policy Javier Solana began to wait mister Medvedev who has appeared through pair minutes. He so infectiously laughed at this meeting so sincerely rejoiced that, appear, we are present at the termination of negotiations on which the parties have agreed at least about the conclusion of the new contract on partnership and cooperation between Russia and EU.

I thought, mayor Nitstsy quietly will depart aside, having seen off the president to an input in a palace, but it, on the contrary, has accepted, having waited arrival of the head of Eurocommission Jose Manuelja Barroso, the most active participation in joint photographing which is hardly probable not a body of such meetings.

I have imagined that at a meeting of Russia and EU in Hunts - Mansijske the mayor of it Hunts - Mansijska with the same understanding would smile in photoobjectives, standing between the same people. Or the director of sanatorium the Volga rock where also there were heads of Russia and EU.

while there were negotiations, the international press which here was very much, has suddenly attended to the one and only question. Some time ago magazine Le Nouvel Observateur has published article in which the journalist has quoted one of advisers of the French president who has told that at an August meeting in Moscow where were Vladimir Putin, and also misters Medvedev and Sarkozy, the Russian prime minister was expressed in the sense that president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili if the Russian armies have reached Tbilisi, it would be necessary to suspend for that place for which will be most sick.

And here the bomb, ticking any time, was broke off directly before a meeting Russia - EU. All journalists asked each other, whether truth it, and asked to comment each other on this information for the newspapers. This circulation of journalists in a press - the centre proceeded more than two hours.

I have found in a hall of the journalist of TV channel Rustavi - 2 Rustama Avaliani. He has told that in Georgia, of course, in a course of this history.

- moreover, our president after all was yesterday in Paris, and Nikola Sarkozy met it, though also all half an hour. They spoke and about this situation.

Rustam Avaliani has added that Michael Saakashvili have asked yesterday on the French television as it concerns it (thus the Russian side categorically denies that such expressions though recognises took place that conversation was rigid... That is all is possible for itself - taki to present...) And mister Saakashvili has told to the French TV reporters that he when has learnt about it, long laughed (truth when spoke it, remained the extremely serious).

Mister Saakashvili named the methods applied by mister Putin, KGB methods (it is curious that he meant - information provocation or torture actually offered it) and has added that all it reminds it its communistic childhood (as though in this childhood he such has already worried something). In general, before a press - conference conditions have been heated, as those... Well, in general, all was dramatic.

having come on a press - conference, Dmitry Medvedev looked still even happier, than at an input in a palace. In the conditions of financial crisis this smile could cost pair of billions dollars.

Nikola Sarkozy on this the press - conferences was infinitely verbose. Thus its speech consisted if to understand, all from several offers. The first: How it is possible to overcome disagreements if not to talk? the second: many dissuaded Me to go to Moscow and to work with Dmitry Medvedev, but I have gone . The third: If I have not gone, anything good now would not be .

He has repeated these words in different variants for forty minutes about forty times, obviously, having acquired where - that approximately so much and it is necessary to make it for such time interval that though at someone it was postponed in a head.

it sometimes diluted these phrases with some other:

- Mainly the Russian armies are deduced from a zone of the South Ossetia conflict, - for example, he has told. - and we have entered the observers. It was painful process...

its one more phrase was worthy:

- We spoke about possible expansion of the Russian rockets. It is necessary to make everything to avoid this expansion while we will not discuss new conditions of the all-European safety. I suggest to meet in the middle of 2009 to discuss this concept.

from these words it was possible to draw essential conclusions: for example, that EU does not consider definitive a question on placing of elements of the American ABM in Europe. He after all itself has asked mister Medvedev to wait to the statement of the new concept of the all-European safety with placing of the Russian rockets in the Kaliningrad region.

- we will soon depart to Washington if, of course, us will not refuse to feed with a dinner here, - mister Medvedev has told. - in Washington there will be a serious conversation. The full-scale adequate answer to calls of financial crisis, instead of a photo for memory is necessary to us. We should insist on the high-grade agenda devoted global financial to crisis (to global crisis - the global summons! - And. K ).

Thus, mister Medvedev, apparently, intends was to present business so that already there is a consolidated position of EU and Russia, and is - a lonely position of the USA.

- after Washington there should be a following summit, and quickly enough (it is unconditional, in Europe. - And. K ).

Mister Medvedev ruthlessly maintained jealousy of mister Sarkozy and France presiding in EU, to the United States.

at last mister Medvedev has suggested to spend in the middle of next year the summit of the international organisations under the aegis of OSCE (with participation of the NATO and ODKB).

On it its offers have ended - or he has simply ceased to speak.

then participants a press - conferences have completely concentrated on stories with war in South Ossetia.

- we were not agree that Russia recognised independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia (it turns out, already not too do not agree. - And. K ), - has said mister Sarkozy, having made a reservation that many leaders categorically did not advise to it to go to Moscow on negotiations with Dmitry Medvedev, and also having added that if not to talk with each other after all and to sense any will not be.

- it is necessary to be chest - ny - mi!!! - he so having looked in eyes to the French journalist who asked him a question as if that was the unscrupulous liar has told.

- between strategy of some friends Georgia (I have directly heard these inverted commas and has seen the reproachful person of US president George Bush. - And. K ) and our strategy there is a difference. Our strategy is more effective, isn`t that so?

mister Medvedev, in turn, has told, answering a question of the French journalist that Russia completely recognises independence of Georgia but taking into account earlier recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia .

Medvedev`s Plan - Sarkozy, in its opinion, is executed completely, instead of basically .

After that the president of Russia has passed to the most delicate part a press - conferences, that is to that excited minds of journalists before it.

- We will discuss all with each other and further, looking eyes in eyes even if it acquires subsequently any nonexistent details, - he has declared.

that is already it has denied the information in Le Nouvel Observateur.

Actually it there was, most likely, a message not to journalists, and mister Sarkozy and its advisers thanks to whom these nonexistent details became known.