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Russia invests in infrastructural projects of $1 trln

the Russian authorities plan to invest in an infrastructure $1 bln. Such statement on November, 20th the sales representative of the Russian Federation in the USA Andrey Dolgorukov has made during conference we Do business in Russia .
Russia shortly becomes the largest market in Europe in the field of infrastructural projects. The government plans to invest $1 trln in an infrastructure - mister Dolgorukov has told, without having specified, about what concrete terms there is a speech. As he said, means for this project will go, including, and at the expense of private Russian and foreign participants. Torgpred has noticed that reconstruction of 26 nuclear reactors, " is planned, in particular; the railways till 2030 will receive $400 mlrd, and the airports - $30 more mlrd .

Andrey Dolgorukov has noticed that for last two months the situation in economic sphere has worsened, risks have increased as as a whole in the world, and in Russia. However, it ascertained, according to many experts, Russia will appear among the countries on which world financial crisis will make smaller impact. Russia now gives the best among existing possibilities of growth. Gross national product this year will grow more than 7 %, and in the following will grow on 5 % - mister Dolgorukov has told. Torgpred has reminded that at the same time in the world the lowest growth of economy for last eight years will be marked, informs RIA News .