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Competitive operating (the organizer of the auctions) informs: on January, 19th, 2009 at 15:00 (time local) to the address: JANAO, Salekhard, Republic street, the house 100, will take place the open auctions in the form of auction on real estate sale IP Solomonovoj O. M :

the Name the Characteristic the Initial price (rbl.) the Step of auction (rbl.)

the Office building (the finding address: JANAO, Salekhard, Republic street, the house 100 Appointment: uninhabited, the area of 526,60 sq. m, etazhnost - 2, bar-shaped, consisting of the basic structure, pristroja and a porch 21 300 000,00 100 000,00

the Deposit for participation in auction makes the basic 500 000 (five hundred thousand) roubles.

offers at the price of a prize move participants of auction in the open form during the auctions.

requisites of the account for deposit entering: IP Solomonova O. M, an INN 890100019318, r/ with 40802810400000000035 in branch Polar Open Society JUnikorbank to/ with 30101810500000000911, BIK 047182911. Deposit receipt proves to be true an extract from the account of the organizer.

To participation in the auctions the persons who have given till January, 16th, 2009 the demand on established Organizer of the auctions to the form, a full package of the documents specified in the notice are supposed, is timely also full volume brought the deposit when due hereunder.

demands, and questions on tendering are accepted to the address: 629400, JANAO, Labytnangi, street Motorway, the house 18, sq. 2, from 9:00 till in the working days, bodies. (34992 21721.

On demands are applied:

legal bodies: notarially certified copies: certificates on registration, on record entering in EGRJUL, about statement on the tax account, constituent documents, the documents confirming powers of controls and officials of the applicant; originals: The decision of the authorised body on property acquisition (in a case provided in the Charter), the power of attorney of the representative, the payment document confirming entering of the deposit with a mark of bank about execution (original);

businessmen and physical persons: a passport copy, notarially certified certificates on statement on the tax account and entering in EGRJUL, the payment document confirming entering of the deposit with a mark of bank about execution (original), notarially certified consent of the spouse to property acquisition.

the winner of the auctions the participant who has offered at the auctions the highest price for a prize admits. The deposit joins in property cost. Lost the auctions the deposit comes back. In day of tendering the winner and the organizer sign the report which is the basis for the contract conclusion - sale and purchase by the winner of the auctions with the organizer of the auctions within 10 days upon termination of the auctions. Payment of cost of a prize is made by the winner of the auctions in time not later than 15 days from the moment of summarising of the auctions. In default the winner of the auctions from signing of the report, refusal to grant the purchased sum, infringements of terms of calculations under the contract more, than for 5 days, results of the auctions are cancelled, the deposit in this case does not come back.

the property right to objects passes to the Winner of the auctions in an order established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, expenses on registration of the property right are charged to the Winner of the auctions.

in the absence of demands or demand receipt only from one participant auction admits not taken place.