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Open Company WITH AuktsionTSentr informs on the auctions on sale of the process equipment intended for manufacture of details and knots of transmissions, and also other universal cars, vehicles and the equipment intended for the various industrial purposes in structure of prizes 12, 13, 14, 15 . The initial price of sale makes: a prize 12 - 136 800,00 roubles, including the VAT; a prize 13 - 618 693,34 roubles, including the VAT, a prize 14 - 2 163 641,18 roubles, including the VAT, a prize 15 - 5 526 925,00 roubles, including the VAT. The property exposed on the auctions, is characterised physical and an obsolescence. The auctions are spent in the form of the auction opened on structure of participants and under the form of giving of offers on the price of property. The auction step at sale of each prize makes 0,2 % from the initial price of sale of each prize. For participation in auction the applicant brings the deposit - 20 % from the initial price of sale of each prize - on the basis of the agreement on the deposit. The winner of the auctions the participant of the auctions who have offered first highest price for property exposed on the auctions admits. The organizer of the auctions and the winner of the auctions sign the report on results of the auctions in day of carrying out of auction. The purchase and sale contract consists with the person recognised as the winner of the auctions.

the auctions and summarising of the auctions will take place 11. 01. 2009, to the address: Moscow, 1 - j Institute journey, d. 3, p. 3, the beginning of registration of participants at 07 o`clock 30 minutes, the beginning of the auctions at 08 o`clock 00 minutes the Auctions are spent consistently on each prize, since a prize 12, as sequence after the termination of the auctions on the previous prize.

Demands acceptance and acquaintance with data on property, conditions of participation in auction, position about a tendering order, the demand form, the form of the agreement on the deposit and order of its conclusion, with requisites of the accounts, essential treaty provisions of purchase and sale, the list necessary for registration of participation in the auctions of documents by requirements to official registration of papers, other data (on all prizes), is carried out to the address: Moscow, 1 - j Institute journey, d. 3, p. 3 with 06. 12. 2008 on 31. 12. 2008 daily from 08 o`clock 00 minutes till 10 o`clock 00 minutes, on preliminary record which is made by phone +7 495 171 94 91.