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At bitumen factory in Yaroslavl region there was an explosion

Explosion at bitumen factory which Konstantinovsky of Tutaevsky area of Yaroslavl region has occurred on November, 20th in the afternoon in settlement, has led to flood of 220 tons of black oil, about semiton of oil products has got to the local river Pechegda.
As informs RIA News referring to the representative of management of the information of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, at tank explosion two workers were lost. explosion of capacity with black oil in volume of 220 cubic metre, with the subsequent ignition, has led to flood of 220 tons of black oil on the area of 500 square metres. About 400 kgs of black oil has got to the river Pechegda, the oil spillage on a water surface by the area of 50 square metres " was formed; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

as she said, two lines bonovyh obstacles are exposed, is made obvalovka places of leak of black oil. Works on gathering of oil products from a water surface, to gathering and export zamazuchennogo a ground from a flood place " are conducted; - the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has noted.

119 persons and 40 units of technics are involved in works, including from the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia - 63 persons and 20 units of technics. The cause of the explosion at factory is established.