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the Organizer of the auctions: the competitive managing director Alsheevsky RMP Agricultural chemistry (jur. The address: 452120, Bashkortostan, Alsheevsky area, the item Raevsky, street Traktovaja, 71, an INN 0202004181) Julchurin A. A

?lota the Name, a site, the description of Nach. The price of the offer with 13. 12. 08 on 26. 12. 08 Nach. The price of the offer with 26. 12. 08 on 31. 12. 08 Nach. The price of the offer with 01. 01. 09 on 06. 01. 09 of Minute the price of sale with 07. 01. 09 on 12. 01. 09

1 Warehouse jadohimikatov (lighted. And, kirpichn., 1 - floor, the area of 1972,6 sq. m.), the fence/ (letters 1), threw gate. (Letters 2), 956000,00 836500,00 717000,00 597500,00

2 Warehouse of mineral fertilizers (lits., kirpichn., 1 - floor, the area of 2003,9 sq. m.) 955200,00 835800,00 716400,00 597000,00

3 Zamoshchenie asfaltnoe (letters I) 84800,00 74200,00 63600,00 53000,00

4 Zamoshchenie concrete (letters II) 405600,00 354900,00 304200,00 253500,00

Realized objects are to the address: Bashkortostan, Alsheevsky r - n, the item Raevsky, Victory street, 2/ B.

Results of the auctions are brought 12. 01. 09 at 16:00 to the address: Ufa, Bessonov`s street, d. 31 sq. 2. Demands acceptance with 13. 12. 08 on 12. 01. 09, time of demands acceptance from 09:00 till on a venue of the auctions. The deposit sum on prizes makes 20 % from the initial price of sale. The deposit is brought on a trace. To requisites: r/ with 40602810606000008046 in dop. Office 8598/ 0198 BO 8598 Savings Banks of Russia, to/ with 30101810300000000601, BIK 048073601, the addressee: Alsheevsky RMP Agricultural chemistry .

Jur. Persons represent: it is notarially assured. Copies: will found. Dock - ov; sv - va about gos. reg. jur. Persons; codes of statistics and originals: decisions of controls on transaction fulfilment; the document on appointment of the head; inquiries on absence of debts on payment sots. Payments; data about administrativ. And criminal offences of perfect hands - lem; data on a dale munits. Formations in an authorised capital stock jur. The persons who have been given out munits. Formation; an extract from EGRJUL date of delivery not later than 10 days about day of application. fiz. Persons represent: it is notarially assured. Copies: passports of the participant; work. Books of the participant; the consent of the spouse to acquisition of a prize and originals: declarations on incomes for 2008 with a mark tax and the information for flew. Year; inquiries on previous convictions in sphere the house-keeper. Crimes; data on presence/ absence of the spouse, given out the REGISTRY OFFICE; data about administrativ. And ugolov. Crimes. JUr. And fiz. Persons represent originals: sv - va about statement on the tax. The account, the document, podtverzhd. Presence on calculation. (Obverse) account of the person den. Means, at a rate of the beginnings. The prize prices; payment. The document, podtverzhd. Deposit entering; inquiries on absence of debts on payment of taxes and tax collections; notice FAS on intention to get property with a mark about its acceptance; the inquiry which have been given out by the proprietor of realised property, that the applicant is not interested in relation to the proprietor; data about affilir. Persons; cards with samples of signatures of participants, dov - ti and passports of the representative; the inventory of documents in 2 (two) copies To participation in the auctions, the persons who have made an application and satisfied above-stated conditions are supposed. The winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price for a prize admits. The purchase and sale contract consists with the winner of the auctions not later 3 - h days from the date of summarising of the auctions, with a condition of payment of a prize not later than in 10 days from the date of summarising. The detailed information on property and a tendering order to the address: Ufa, Bessonov`s street, d. 31 sq. 2, bodies. (347 253 - 76 - 12.