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55 - 0000825

the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company NPO biostim Rams of Item I informs that 27. 10. 2008 at 14:00 to the address: Krasnoyarsk region, Ujar, streets Soviet, 91 - And, are held the open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property of the debtor:

the Prize 1 a share of not complete building (634/ 1000) a ferro-concrete building a total area of 3343,1 sq. m, located to the address: Krasnoyarsk region, Zelenogorsk, May highway, area of base of Open Society ORS (letters), the initial price of sale - 950 000 rbl.

the Deposit is established at a rate of 5 % from the initial price of a prize and listed on following requisites: Open Company NPO biostim an INN 2453001905 check points 245301001 r/ with 40702810433010000872 in Zelenogorsky branch of Joint-Stock Company of KB the Cedar Zelenogorsk to/ with 30101810800000000837 BIK 040435837.

Demands acceptance and acquaintance with terms of sale to 24. 10. 2008 in the working days from 10:00 till on a venue of the auctions, kont. Bodies. (39146 22 - 5 - 65. Requirements to demands and represented documents should correspond to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

the winner of the auctions - the participant who has offered the greatest price. Summarising of the auctions and the contract conclusion in day of tendering.