Rus News Journal

16 - 0000151

the Competitive managing director holds the open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property belonging Open Company SMZ (RB, Sterlitamak, Gogol, 124).

the Subject of the auctions is: metalcutting machine tools in number of 77 pieces (not completed), the initial price of 1 655 027,49 roubles.

the deposit sum - 20 %, a step of the auctions - 5 % from the initial price.

the auctions will take place in 30 days from the moment of an announcement exit, in the first working day to the address: RB, Ufa, avenue of October, d. 5, of. 22.

To participation in the auctions the persons who in due time made an application on participation in the auctions and have brought the deposit are supposed: Open Company Sterlitamaksky machine-building factory an INN 0274061206/ a check point 027801001, r/ with 40702810407590001179 at Sterlitamaksky additional office of Open Society Sotsinvsstbank to/ with 30101810900000000739, BIK 048073739.

Demands acceptance, and also the additional information on the working days with 10. 00 to 17. 00 within 25 days from the date of the publication to the address: RB, Ufa, avenue of October, d. 5, of. 22, bodies./ a fax: (347 273 - 01 - 83.

the Winner of the auctions the person who has offered the highest price admits.

the purchase and sale contract consists within 10 (ten) days from the moment of report signing. Payment under the contract - within a month from the date of tendering.